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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"Where to Start? Many Memories ..."

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Q: "What if you remember many traumatic events from your past and don't know which to work on? What if there was a very traumatic event from when you were an infant which you do not remember, but have been told about? How do you know which event to address in the Healing Code?"

A:  Many questions here, so I'lll answer them one by one.

First, if you remember many traumatic events from your past, start working on the most significant one--either the earliest or the strongest. You might jot them down on a list ("my 4-year-old Christmas memory," for instance). Put next to each event a number (1-10) in terms of how strong the feeling is in the memory. Take the one you rated highest and work on that with a Healing Code until you get it down to a 0--it doesn't bother you at all anymore.

Then look again at your list. Pick the next strongest memory, heal that, and move on down your list.

If you feel like there are too many memories to possibly get to, you can do this: Take the similar memories, or perhaps memories from a certain time period ("my childhood memories of my father's alcoholism" for instance, or "my sexual abuse memories") and make a collage out of them. Shrink each memory down to a postage size stamp picture that you metaphorically paste onto a regular size sheet of paper. That collage is the picture you heal. The Healing Codes work on healing pictures, and you can certainly heal a collage of memories at one time.

Note that you may have to heal the collage from a number of different angles. There may be a fear element, anger, unforgiveness, hurt, etc. But you don't have to heal memories one by one, especially if there are a lot of them.

As to the very early traumas, such as when you were an infant: If you know what it was (e.g., your mother told you she left you to cry in your crib and never picked you up, and now you feel enraged every time someone ignores your needs), then you can use a Healing Code to heal that. It's interesting to me just how our hearts "know" what happened as an infant even though we can't have the conscious memory. There is a "knowing" of the heart that is prior to language and words and conscious thoughts.

If you don't know, but suspect there is something, that may be cause for getting some help from a Healing Codes Coach. We are trained to find those unconscious memories to help you target them, which tends to speed healing tremendously. 

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