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"What Can I Expect from The Healing Codes?"

This is a question many people wonder. "How quickly can I expect results? What kind of results will I see?"

I will be completely honest: The results run the gamut, in terms of timing and how they show up.

Some issues resolve quickly. Or they seem to.

I recall one client, a retired doctor. One of his most troubling issues was


For instance, one of my clients called me from the ICU. He is a retired medical doctor, and had just gotten word that he has myosarcoma, a fatal cancer. He asked me for a custom healing code to begin working on right away.

The custom code was good for 2 weeks, so in 2 weeks I called him to check up and get him a new code. He told me, "I have good news and not so good news."

Heart sinking, I said, "What's the not so good news?"

He said, "You know that mouth thing I wanted healed? No change there."

I said, "Ok. What's the good news?"

"Oh, my eyesight has improved so much! I only need regular maginifers."

Wait a minute, I thought. Am I mistaken? Isn't this the client who called me from the ICU about this terrible cancer?

'Bill, what abouit your cancer?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you?" he said in surprise. "This is so amazing. I did that Healing Code you gave me three times. After the third time, all my pain went away, and Diane, I believe I'm healed. I'm your Dr. Ben Johnson!"

During that call, Bill and I were interrupted 5 times. "Oh, that's the hospital. They keep checking on me. They can't believe I'm not dead yet."

It's several weeks later and Bill is still doing well. Not even worried about the cancer. He's working on something else.

So, that's one end of the spectrum, and frankly, my most astounding client testimonial.

The other end is, as I explained in my article on