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What Can't Healing Codes Heal?

by Diane Eble, Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner

The Healing Codes have done wonders for me (not to mention my clients).

My doctor says they're the only explanation for a hole in my heart closing up. I definitely don't have to worry about allergies or asthma anymore. I am overall healthier than I was 10 years ago, despite being older.

However, over the past few years I had developed some neck pain. Then the sharp, frequent, brief migraines started.

I did Healing Codes for them. Went to a chiropractor for a while. Had X-rays done and went to physical therapy. I gave up on all that because it didn't help long term, and I was in fact getting worse.

I couldn't understand it. I used to have back pain, a long time ago. Then I began doing a series of back-strengthening exercises that I would do religiously, every night, no matter how tired I was.

Not until I got a (free!) book called The 7-Day Back Pain Cure did I realize the true cause of my back pain.

How I Was Causing My Own Pain

Guess what? It was those very back exercises that were causing my neck pain and headaches!

You see, as I learned from this excellent book, the cause of almost every back-related pain issue is muscle imbalances. Jesse Cannone's excellent information in book, audios and videos explains it all. (I did also get the videos and audios--well worth it, as the videos help you pinpoint yout particular imbalances and show exactly what to do to correct them.)

In 2 days of NOT doing the wrong exercises and DOING the correct ones (after assessing my imbalances), my neck pain and headaches decreased by aroiund 80%. Within a week, the pain is almost completely gone! Much of the stiffness is also gone.

I'm telling you this because there are some issues that are NOT spiritually based, but lifestyle based, and you need to find, address, and correct any LIFESTYLE issues ALONG WITH the Healing Codes.

I must tell you something related to this that the Healing Codes DID help me with.

How the Healing Codes Did Help Me

When the free book came, it took me more than a week to actually pick it up. Here I was, in pain, yet I was "too busy" to take care of myself.

So I recognized THIS heart issue, did Healing Codes for a few days on the unhealthy belief that "everyone else's needs come before my own," and THEN I found it easy to set aside time to read the book and do the exercises.

In Jesse Cannone's book, he discusses how emotional issues contribute to pain. In fact, he has a whole chapter on it. The muscular-skeletal system is related to self-control issues, and I have been working on "life balance" issues with Healing Codes. I believe this has also helped my back pain to lessen.

I hope my experience will help you understand what The Healing Codes can and cannot do to help you heal. They work on the heart issues. They do that exceedingly well. If you have lifestyle issues that are contributing to your problem, however, that will severely limit your healing.

In my case, doing the wrong exercises were the "lifestyle issue" that caused my pain. Healing Codes helped me to get to the place where I could make my own healing a priority. Then learning what my muscle imbalances were and how to correct them finished the process, and I got fantastic results.

Assess Your Lifestyle

So if you're doing Healing Codes faithfully and you're not progressing, look to your lifestyle. Are you eating well, drinking lots of pure water (this also helps relieve back pain, by the way), getting enough rest, exercising (in a way that doesn't contribute to muscle imbalances)? Do you have any bad habits (smoking, drinking too much, any kind of addiction)? Be honest with yourself, and take actions to truly help yourself.

If you have trouble with making these changes, use Healing Codes to put you in a space where healing can happen, just as I did when I did healing codes on what was hindering me from actually sitting down to read and do what I learned.

And if you suffer from back, neck, knee, hip or any other kind of muscular-skeletal pain, I do suggest you get this free book (and, if possible, the one-time offer of the videos etc.). Get The 7-Day Back Pain Cure for only the cost of shipping.

I really appreciate how this program is based on getting to the SOURCE of the pain. Just like we do with The Healing Codes: no quick fixes, let's get at the source and fix what's really causing the problem, once and for all.

ESPECIALLY if you're now seeing anyone for back pain, you need to understand this material. It's now been more than a week and my neck pain and headaches are almost completely gone! And I now know what to do to keep it that way.