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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"What Do The Healing Codes Actually Heal?"

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Q: "I thought The Healing Codes were for healing bad beliefs and memories. Online I read about some one doing a peace code for healing mucus membranes, and some one else doing a code for skin problems. How is that?"

A:  The Healing Codes only work on the negative images and beliefs we hold in cellular memories.

That said, we believe that those negative things are frequencies that send out stress signals to the body, and are the true source of physical issues.

Hence, when the stress signals are neutralized (healed), the physical will heal.

Part of Dr. Loyd's discovery was that different categories of issues correspond to different body systems. That is outlined in chapter 11 of The Healing Code book, and in the Healing Codes Manual in more detail. Hence, you can get at the source of a physical symptom via how you feel about having that physical issue, and you can get at an emotional/spiritual issue by way of what symptoms you have. The Healing Codes Manual has several Problem Reference Guides whereby you can look up a symptom and find out which category Code to use. (Or you can use the Universal Code from the book and just target that particular issue, say a Joy issue if it's a skin problem.)

You can also get a custom healing code from a practitioner, who will target your issue even more specifically. (Also, sometimes what you think is the issue, isn't really the deepest issue. A Coach can help you get to the root of it.) The more specific a Code is to you, the more powerful it will be.

You may do more than one Code at a time, but Dr. Loyd recommends you really target your main issue first. If it doesn't heal with a specific Code, try doing a Code from all 12 categories on that issue. Some issues need to be healed from more than one angle.

Just a note: When you read things people write about The Healing Codes online, look for the person's credentials. The information from a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner will be the most reliable.

If you have a question about healing or The Healing Codes, feel free to send an email to:



Please note: Customer service questions dealing with The Healing Codes products are not addressed here. My company is totally separate from The Healing Codes or Dr. Alex Loyd. You would need to go to their website to get those answered.