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Seeing is Believing ...

Want Visual Proof Healing Codes work? Take a look ...

When my 15-year-old daughter came to me with pinkeye, I developed a custom Healing Code for her issue. We decided to take some pictures, so we could document her healing.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, with antibiotic eye drops pinkeye should go away "withn several days." My doctor said, "up to a week." If it's a viral infection, it might take up to two or three weeks.

Here's what her eye looked like before I did Healing Codes for her (and she started using the drops):

pinkeye before doing Healing Codes

After one Healing Code, here's what it looked like (first is in the evening, second is the next morning):

pinkeye after one Healing Code 

And finally, less than 24 hours later, after doing 3 custom Healing Codes total:

pinkeye less than 24 hours later, 3 Healing Codes

Less than 48 hours later, there was no redness or swelling or "goop" left in either eye. Being a teenager, my daughter would not say much (and she was done with pictures), but I could tell she was impressed. (When my son had pinkeye, it took several days to resolve, and that was with eyedrops. It also recurred with him.)

If you've wondered if you can do Healing Codes for someone else, or wherther custom Healing Codes are effective, maybe this will help you believe that indeed, it can work. It works whether you believe in it or not, or whether the person yoiu're doing it for believes it or not. (My daughter thinks I'm a bit nuts with this Healing Codes stuff, but when in distress, as in this case, she will ask me to do Codes for her. This is the second time she's seen pinkeye resolve within 24 hours.)

If you would like to get a custom code for yourself and/or a loved one, check out my packages here.