Healing Codes Coaching: Heal the SOURCE of your health, success and relationship issues

Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing Codes and healing prayer with Certified Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson

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Trilogy Coaching and

Custom Codes

Trilogy is Dr. Alex Loyd's latest method that combines tapping acupressure points, Healing Codes, and activating energy centers and energy flow through the midline of the body.

Dr. Loyd is making the "basic Trilogy" free, so I suggest you familiarize yourself with that and try it first. Then, if you like it but want more customized help, you may order a coaching session and I'll give you a custom Healing Code to "plug in" to Trilogy.

For now, until I decide whether to complete my Trilogy certification, I am authorized to give customized Healing Codes for that part of Trilogy. I still believe that The Healing Codes are the most important piece of Trilogy, and the other pieces enhance the power of The Healing Codes. I have always told people that tapping provides more immediate relief, and that The Healing Codes provide more permanent healing. It makes perfect sense to combine them to get all the benefits of each energy method. In our session I will test for the best way to combine everything.

At present, because I'm only providing the customized Healing Code to include in Trilogy, I will not charge any extra for the Healing Code/Trilogy coaching. Simply include on the order that you know Trilogy, and I'll take note of that.

 Custom Healing Codes for Trilogy

Coach-Guided Code: $125


1. Three (3) personal one-on-one custom code sessions: $250

order 3 custom coding sessions with healing codes coach diane eble

2. Five (5) personal one-on-one custom code sessions: $400

order 5 custom coaching sessions with healing codes coach Diane Eble 

3. Single session one-on-one custom code option: $85

get one healing code custom coding session  

 With ANY Custom Coding package, I will be happy to pray for you, if you request that option on your Consent form. For many clients, that is their favorite part!