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The ONLY Two Ways to Do a Healing Code "Wrong"

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

People often ask me, "Is there any way to do a Healing Code wrong?"

Or, "Am I doing The Healing Codes right?"

It's pretty hard to mess up The Healing Codes. That's one of the things I love about The Healing Codes.

However, there are two things that can derail your efforts.

The first way to do The Healing Codes "wrong" is to do them in fear that if you don't do them, something bad will happen.

Fear that you won't get well. You will backtrack.

It is true that consistency is extremely important for the best Healing Code results. It really is THE key to Healing Code results. (I wrote about that here.)

However, you can approach the need for consistency in a positive way, as an act of love.

If you do your Healing Codes as a commitment to self-care, it becomes an act of love for yourself.

It is also an act of love for others. As you heal your heart issues, you become more available emotionally to others. You are able to be your best self and give to others from that beautiful, being-healed place. (I say "being-healed" because none of us ever "arrive." The journey is the goal.)

What about the second way to do The Healing Codes wrong?

That would be, to focus on the problem, how bad you feel, anything negative while pointing to the healing centers.

I once had a client who told me, "I just can't get myself to do The Healing Codes. I just feel so bad when I'm doing them."

Since this was a very unusual experience, I quizzed him as to what he was thinking about when pointing.

"I'm thinking about the problem I'm trying to heal, and I just start to feel worse and worse."

Which is why we don't focus on the problem or the negative feelings!

When you do a Healing Code, you want to have positive energy flowing from your fingertips to the healing centers. That is achieved by focusing on something positive: Truth Focus Statements, scripture, a Love Picture, a happy memory, a favorite place--anything that makes you feel happy and peaceful.

Positive thoughts produce positive energy pointing back into the healing centers. Negative thoughts do the opposite--and make you feel bad!

When my client corrected this "wrong" way of doing his Healing Codes, he felt much better, and the Healing Codes started working for him the way they should.

So remember these two things: commit to doing your Healing Codes as an act of love, and for heaven's sake, make sure you focus on something postive when you're pointing! (That's why I offer my free Truth Focus Statements + Love Pictures.)

And if you would like more help in identifying the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal now, feel free to get some personal coaching here.