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The Power of Tracking Your Results

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

I wrote earlier about the crucial first step to activating healing: commitment.

If you missed that, please go here to review it.


Now I want to go over the second step to activate healing “magic,” so that healing happens quicker and goes deeper.


I’m talking about tracking your results.


My clients who heal the most and fastest are those who not only commit themselves to regularly doing The Healing Codes. They also track their results.


“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

This quote is attributed to Karl Pearson, an academic in statistics who was studied by Albert Einstein and was world-renowned for his insights. Pearson’s Law has proven true for more than 100 years, and has been adapted all kinds of ways in all kinds of fields.


I think this “law” proves true because of quantum physics. The quick version of quantum physics is that everything is energy, and exists as either a wave (energy) or a particle. All possibilities exist as waves, but when something is observed or named, then it “collapses” into a particle, or manifests as something material.


That’s why when we focus on something positive, we “attract” more of that into our lives.


 hose pictureFocusing on what you desire to heal, gathers your healing energy in that direction. It’s like putting the hose on your issue not as a gentle spray, but as “full force.”


Paying attention to the tiniest signs of growth and progress moves us into that energy, then gains us momentum in that direction.


That’s why, at the beginning of every session with a continuing client, I will ask them what positive changes they have noticed since our last session.


All my clients receive my Tracking Tool for Healing the 4-Part Program that underlies any and every “heart issue.” When you use this to both pinpoint your current issue AND track your results, your healing is accelerated.


I encourage you to take time to notice what shifts have taken place in your healing.


This noticing is crucial, because it brings your attention to what has shifted. That awareness then allows your heart to reveal more, and makes space for more healing. If you only notice what still needs to heal, you will keep your focus on what you lack, rather than what you’ve healed. When you welcome what’s being healed, it calls forth more of the same.


I encourage you to track your issues and your healing, and I would like to give you a tool to help you do it. This is the Tracking Form I use with my clients, but I’d like you to have it as well.


This form will help you focus on what I call the “4-part program” that makes up any “heart issue.” When you focus on these elements and track your progress, you will exponentially speed and deepen your healing.


Find the Tracking Form, and further suggestions for identifying and healing the “four-part program,” here.


And it you’d like more tools and personalized coaching, check out your options here.