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The Healing Code--An Alternative or Complementary Approach to Disease and Illness?

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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One of the most common questions asked by people when they hear about The Healing Code is, "Can this cure ____?" (Fill in the blank with: depression, cancer, ALS, MS, diabetes etc.)

The answer is no. The Healing Code does not cure any disease. It does not even address any disease directly.

What The Healing Code does (from all apparent indications from the Heart Rate Variability studies and from what we observe in clients) is change the stress signal sent to the cells by the unconscious negative images, beliefs and cellular memories from trauma (perceived or actual). When these stress signals are changed, the cells are restored to growth and health mode, and the body's own immune system is able to do its God-given job of healing.

As such, The Healing Code is best used as a complement rather than an alternative to conventional treatments. The American Cancer Society's page on Complementary and Alternative Methods for Cancer Treatment defines Complementary approaches thus:


 "Complementary therapy is used along with standard or mainstream medical treatment. Some complementary therapies may help relieve certain symptoms of cancer, relieve side effects of cancer treatment, or improve a patient’s sense of well-being. Examples might include meditation to reduce stress, peppermint or ginger tea for nausea, and guided imagery to help relieve stress and pain during medical procedures. Some of the methods, such as massage therapy, relaxation, and meditation that are now called complementary have actually been referred to as supportive care in the past."

While I believe that The Healing Code goes beyond merely relieving symptoms and actually gets to the root of an issue in a way few if any other modalities do, diseases are complicated. I don't think anyone knows all the factors that go into the development of a disease or illness.

The Healing Code seems to cause the body to be able to heal itself by removing the underlying stress that so many studies show is at the heart of nearly every illness and disease. How quickly that will happen can never be predicted. Healing happens as it happens.

Alternative treatments are used instead of mainstream treatment. Many people are so fed up with the way they are treated by the medical community that they give up, and in desperation seek any kind of relief.

I can understand the frustration many of my clients feel who have had negative experiences with the medical community.

I personally recommend using The Healing Code in an integrative way, as a complement to proven treatments. The problem with "proving" something like The Healing Code is it does not lend itself to the traditional clinical trials. Not to mention that the medical community has its own paradigms, and "energy medicine" does not fit into those paradigms very easily. (Though I have to say, there was a very fair treatment of many alternative treatments such as acupuncture.)

I believe The Healing Code is safe because you are not ingesting anything into your body. And, as The Healing Code book explains, your heart will not let you "revisit" any painful memory it's not ready to heal. (I can vouch for this as well after working with more than 300 clients. Your heart only reveals what it's ready to heal.)

The American Cancer Society site says that even if complementary approaches "are not fully tested, you can choose methods that don’t usually cause harm and won’t interfere with your cancer treatment." They give a partial list of complementary approaches that may be used with cancer treatment," among them acupuncture, prayer and spirituality, meditation. There is both prayer and meditation involved when doing The Healing Code, and though it uses a different energy pathway than the meridian system used in acupuncture, the idea that energy is an important factor is common to both.

What we have observed is that The Healing Codes, along with other proven treatments, can do wonders to both speed healing and to prevent or alleviate negative side effects of drugs. (If you've read the story of Vinny on the Healing Heart Issues blog, you know that he had little or no side effects from the chemotherapy or steroid treatments for his brain tumor. Other clients have had the same experience when they added, "... and all resulting physical issues, especially the cancer and any negative side effects of the treatments" to their prayer of intention.)

If you have a serious illness or disease, please work with a trusted, licensed medical professional of some kind. My doctor is wonderful, combining the best of all worlds. She keeps up with the research and is very open-minded to new things, but also critical in a good way. She has to see the science. She's very open to The Healing Codes and in fact, bought the "big package" after she saw how my PFO was closed up. She calls me her "miracle patient" and says The Healing Codes were the only explanation she could see for what happened to me.

While miracles do happen with The Healing Code (have you visited the amazon.com reviews of the book lately?), no one can predict or dictate how, when or even if full physical healing will happen. (They can't in any kind of medicine or healing work.) In many cases where healing doesn't happen, it's a matter of "too little too late."

You can prevent that by doing Healing Codes regularly to heal your "heart issues" and remove the stress that can lead to something serious. If you already have something serious, doing The Healing Code(s) along with your medical treatments will address factors such treatments aren't treating, and thus give you the best chance of healing completely. (Working with a Practitioner to get custom Healing Codes does tend to provide the fastest healing, because custom codes directly address your specific heart issues.)