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Signs of Healing (You May Not Notice)

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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My mother first started doing Healing Codes to heal a mysterious skin itching for which she could find no relief, despite the several kinds of doctors she consulted over a period of 18 months. The itching would start at the same time every day, last through the night, then go away. After a few months of doing Healing Codes (custom from me, of course), the itching subsided.

Healing came gradually. First the itching wasn't quite so strong. Then, it would start later and end earlier. One day she realized she hadn't felt the itching for some time.

Sometimes healing is so gradual, you don't notice it until one day it hits you: "Hey, that problem is gone!" It's kind of a strange thing, but some kinds of healing do happen in this slow and gentle way.

Another signpost of my mom's healing that I noticed but she didn't connect to the Healing Codes right away, is what was happening with her Scrabble games.

Every Saturday, my mom gets together with her sister to play Scrabble. After Mom had been doing her Healing Codes for some time, she remarked to me, "My sister doesn't like playing Scrabble with me anymore."

"Why not?" I asked.

"I'm always winning, and that makes her angry," Mom said.

What was happening was, my mom felt relaxed and at peace, so she was able to remember words and make connections with the letters. Her goal was to enjoy the game and her sister's company.

My aunt's goal, however, was to win. From what my mom tells me, I suspect my mom's winning "triggered" all kinds of subconscious/unconscious memories that put my aunt into "stress mode." Dr. Alex Loyd has said many times that stress "dumbs you down." My aunt was not winning because she was stressed by all the hidden painful memories that were silently sending out stress signals and clouding her brain from thinking clearly.

And the more she didn't win (her main goal), the more stress she felt. She was not enjoying the game herself, and her snide remarks began to spoil the game for my mother as well.

Perhaps you can see from these true-life examples how The Healing Codes can work to heal physical, emotional, and relational issues. My mom's itching problem was, I believe, emotional in nature. The itching would start at 4pm, the same time she had to put my father on the C-pap machine for his emphysema. He hated it, felt like it was torture, and that was a very stressful memory for her. The memory manifested in the skin itching. As that memory healed, the itching stopped.

Also, she was successful at Scrabble because she was not stressed about the outcome. Underlying memories concerning her sister and things like winning had been healed. Mom  was primed to do her best at Scrabble, and to enjoy being with her sister. Success and relationship.

Her sister, agitated by unhealed memories that perhaps had to do with needing to win, focused on that. Stress interfered with her ability to make words out of letters. Stress also made her irritable with my mother, spoiling the relational joy they could have shared.

Healing the stress of underlying memories can lead to different signs of healing than you expect. Maybe your physical issue isn't clearing as quickly as you'd like, but look for other signs of healing, such as more ability to concentrate, or a more forgiving and tolerant attitude toward others. Look for the ability to focus on process and relationship rather than results. Such signs of healing can be subtle, but are important markers to bigger things ahead.

Like maybe winning a Scrabble championship?