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Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing Codes and healing prayer with Certified Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson

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 Looking for a Healing Codes Coach?

How Healing Codes Coaching Speeds Your Progress with Any Health, Relationship or Success Issue 

"I've spent a lot of money over the past 15 years on different therapies, going to counselling, etc. I've finally found something that works for me. You are a fantastic coach."

--U.W., Ireland


There’s a simple path to healing any health, relationship or success issue—by healing the SOURCE of your issue with the latest healing and transformation techniques.

Have you tried every healing approach—therapy, alternative medicine, conventional medicine, energy healing—yet STILL find healing elusive?

Chances are, it’s because none of these approaches get at the SOURCE of all issues.

It’s the unconscious  negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and painful memories that are the true source of those stubborn issues you can’t seem to heal, no matter how hard you try.

King Solomon, 3000 years ago, called them “heart issues.” He said, “Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flow all the issues of life.”

Did you get that? ALL the issues of life have the same source—the heart!

Of course, he’s referring not to the physical heart (although there’s fascinating research about the electrical and energetic output from the physical heart), but to the spiritual “heart.”

Modern science tells us that these memories, images and beliefs are stored not only in the brain, but in every cell of your body.

And if these memories carry a “negative charge,” they are sending stress signals into your cells.

And that can lead to all kinds of problems. Estimates vary from 80-98% of illnesses are somehow related to stress.

THAT’S why you haven’t been able to heal some of those stubborn issues—you haven’t been using the right tool to deal with the real problem!

Now you CAN have the right tool, and know how to go to the right problem—and finally experience true healing of just about any health, relationship or success issue.

Because when you heal the source, you finally, truly heal!  


Unwanted Thoughts Dissolved!

When my client came to me for a code for her dog, which was about to have puppies, she mentioned what she called the miraculous and effortless shift that had happened as a result of the last custom Healing Code I gave her, which had to do with her relationship with her husband. Here is what she shared about that shift. (The "baby" she mentioned at the end was her dog.)

Click to play or download.

What are The Healing Codes?

The Healing Codes are a powerful healing* mode discovered in 2001 by Dr. Alex Loyd after a 12-year search for relief for his wife's clinical depression.

Not only did The Healing Codes heal his wife's depression in a matter of days ... as Alex Loyd used it with his other clients (he was working as a therapist), they began to report healing from MS, Lou Gehrig's, cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses.

Alex Loyd spent the next year and a half researching what made this new healing mode work. Through Heart Rate Variability tests, Dr. Loyd verified that The Healing Codes remove stress in the autonomic nervous system. When such physiological stress is removed, the neuro-immune system does its work of healing the body.

His discovery is outlined in his book, The Healing Code, for which I was the editor and publishing coach. Alex Loyd has since trained dozens of Healing Codes Coaches around the world to work with clients to develop individualized custom Healing Codes that target specific "issues of the heart," which are overlooked by most healing approaches. A growing body of research indicates that these "heart matters" may well be the true source of all health, relationship, and success/performance issues.


Want a mentor for your healing journey?


Coaching for Quicker Results

The Healing Code in The Healing Code book is the "universal Healing Code" that works for most people for most issues. Many people report  remarkable results from just using that Healing Code, which is based on 10 years of testing by Alex Loyd to determine that this Healing Code works for most people and most issues.

However, you may have an issue for which you want/need faster results. Or your problem is more serious or urgent. Or you feel stuck and don't seem to be getting the results you desire.

Working with a Certified Healing Codes Coach can be just what you need in these cases.

Through my deep listening and attunement skills, honed for this particular work since 2020, I help you pinpoint the memories, images and beliefs that truly are at the source of what’s bothering you, whether it’s a health, relationship or success issue. Often there are hidden or even generational memories that greatly inhibit healing until they are found and healed.

The more specifically we can pinpoint your issue, and the more specific a Healing Code is to your issue, the faster--and deeper--the healing. What I'm always looking, testing and listening for are the "keywords to your heart"--the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal at this time.

I will develop a custom Healing Code for you to do on your own at home. You will get a Healing Code that is specific to your exact issue, how long to do it, how many times per day, and how long the code will be very strong for you. (Custom Healing Codes do "expire," usually within 10-14 days. That's because the code is so specific to your issue, that as your issue heals and shifts, the code sort of "goes out of register." It's actually a good sign--your issue is changing!)

Depending on the program you choose, I can also train you in the several "tweaks" I have developed, one of which is especially good if you are a Highly Sensitive Person. One technique, for instance, will release any negative energy that you may have taken on from others.

I can also even do with you over the phone what's called a Coach-Guided Code. I am one of the Coaches who has been certified to do these powerful, "streaming" Codes in which I guide you step by step as we do the process together for getting your pressing issue down to an acceptable level. Then I will get you a custom code-to-go to continue working on the issue. (Coach-Guided Codes can be ordered on their own, or if you've gotten a package, they count as 2 Codes from your package.)

Besides developing Custom Codes for your issue, I will also help you get the most out of using the Healing Codes and my other methods, so that you will confidently know how to use these powerful healing methods for the rest of your life.

I can also develop Custom Codes for you to use for or with other people, or even a pet.

"His Doctor was Amazed!"

VinnyListen to this 2-minute testimonial about Vinny, a boy who had an inoperable benign brain tumor. His grandmother faithfully did custom Healing Codes for him throughout his treatments. Here are the results, after 18 months of her and many others (via my Healing Hearts Prayer Circle) doing these Healing Codes.

Click to play audio.

This story shows the power of doing custom Healing Codes for other people, as well as the power of combined intention.

Read the whole story here.

"He's Finally Sleeping!"

"It was such a relief that the evening after I did the custom code you gave me for my 11 year old son's insomnia, he fell asleep and slept through the night on that Wednesday, through the whole day Thursday (although I tried to awaken him, it was not possible) and through until late Friday morning.

"After literally months of him not being able to fall asleep, trying to survive on 3-4 hours of poor sleep, and frequently waking my husband and me for help, he slept and has been sleeping normally since.

"Thank you so much, it was a miracle for us!"

--Kirsten, Germany

April 20th   May 13th   7-31-14 before checkup  July 31st

Strabismus Corrected "Faster than Doctor Ever Experienced"

Heather Perry came to me in mid April, 2014 because of her concern for her 2 1/2 year-old son's eye that was turning in. I gave them custom Healing Codes every 2 weeks between April 18 and July 31.

Click here to read the full story of Dalton's results and to better see the pictures that indicate that the Healing Codes work, AND that you can do them for other people and get great results.

Note that the above examples are of people doing custom Healing Codes for another person. This is one of the most under-advertised advantages of this modality. 

People have also been amazed at the results they've experienced for themselves after getting their Custom Codes. Mary from Missouri said, "These custom codes pounce on the issue so fast!"






Back and Hip Pain Disappeared 

Steve - testimonial for Healing Codes coaching

Click to play.

Two days after Steve recorded this, he called to say, "Guess what? My back and hip pain, which I've had for years, is now gone!"

--Steve, Illinois

 Bulging Disk Pain Totally Relieved

"The code I received from you totally made a difference in my bulging disc pain. It was so large and painful surgery was recommended. That was a year ago now. Thankful for Healing Codes family and the genuine care I receive from you all. It actually melts resistance in me as I have difficulty trusting!!!"

--Bonnie Redmond, Kansas City, MO


59-Year Cigarette Addiction Healed

"I started smoking 59 years ago mostly to help me deal with depression. But I knew it wasn't good, and for the past 45 years I've tried countless times to quit. I could never quit for more than 2-3 weeks at a time and I was miserable. Numerous health problems that have come up more recently made me desperate to quit, so I called Diane for custom codes.

"My friends cannot believe what's happened. Not only have I been able to go for 2 months without smoking, but it really hasn't bothered me. I've had a few rough times, but I'd just do the Code and the craving would be 95% gone. Also the depression is much, much better.

"I've seen other physical issues improve as well, plus I have more patience. People and things that used to bother me a lot don't anymore. I think that Dr. Alex Loyd's discovery is an amazing gift to the world!"

--Grace, Connecticut, age 74

How Healing Codes Coaching Works

Regular custom Healing Codes are great for if you're either new to The Healing Codes and want some coaching right from the start, OR if you've been doing Healing Codes for some time, but just feel a bit stuck doing them on your own.

I am always listening for and testing for the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal at this time. I also do energetic testing to find hidden memories that, when found and addressed, can lead to breakthroughs.

When you request your Custom Healing Code and return some necessary paperwork, I'll contact you to set up our time. I'll also send special instructions so we can make the most of our time. All coaching is done over the phone (can use Skype or Zoom for international calls), and I will call you so you don't have to be concerned about long-distance charges.

As mentioned, I will help you uncover the true source of your issues and develop a Custom Healing Code and follow-up protocol for addressing that issue. I will tell you exactly how many times per day and how long to do it, and what to do next. These Custom Healing Codes tend to be very powerful, so although I can't promise how quickly you will get results--healing happens as it happens--almost everyone experiences some gratifying results quickly. (Click here to read more testimonials of the results people have gotten from custom coding sessions.)

Allot up to 20-30 minutes for a regular coaching session, and 45-50 minutes for a Coach-Guided Custom Code. See below for further details.

Good News! If you live outside of the United States or Canada, we can use video conferencing, with or without video (or you can call me).

The links below will take you to an order page, where you can use Paypal or a credit card. You may also send me a personal check. Email me () to get my mailing address and let me know your check is coming.

There is no expiration in terms of when you can use a pre-paid custom code, but I do try to schedule your first session as soon as possible. I understand your issue is usually urgent.

"These custom codes are so addicting because they pounce on the issue so fast! I feel a peace, a lightness, and I am so patient with my children now."--Mary, Missouri

Coach-Guided Code:

Let Me Guide You Every Step of the Way

hand holding heart If your issue is especially urgent or strong, or if you're new to The Healing Codes, we can do a Coach-Guided Healing Code together, right over the phone.

I will guide you in this "on the spot" code, from the prayer through the "love picture" (if you wish), even including the appropriate Healing Code Music in the background.

What I do during this session is attune to you and your issue, and to God, and in the meditation I let God guide me as to the images, words, or silence that will speak to your heart.

I record the whole coach-guided part, so you will later be able to sit back and continue to be guided every time you do this Healing Code. Plus, the synergy of us doing the Healing Code together amplifies your healing.

In addition, l'll give you another "code to go" that you can do at home on your own. (That's why this session is more expensive; you are essentially getting two codes to address your specific issue.) You will always be able to do the "Code-to-Go" along with, or instead of, the recorded call.

A Coach-Guided Code is especially good if:

  • You feel stuck, even after doing The Healing Code for some time.  
  • Your issue feels especially raw or urgent.  
  • You're just starting out and not sure how to do a Healing Code. 
  • You want to get the hang of what to focus on while doing a Healing Code. 
  • You would rather just "plug and play" as you do your custom Healing Code.  
  • You want to experience my leading the meditation. This is optional, but a favorite for many. I tune in to what God's Spirit has for you, and what comes forth are personalized words and/or images that flow through me to you to connect you more closely with your divine design. (Few people even do this. I was on a call once with a group, and each person got maybe a 3-minute message, and we paid $100 each. With me you will get a very personalized message, with a custom Healing Code, for 10-20 minutes.) 

Remember, you will not only get the on-the-spot custom Healing Code for your issue, but also a "Code to go" to do on your own, either for the issue we did the Coach-Guided Code for, or sometimes another, related issue. That will be determined in our session.

order 3 custom coding sessions with healing codes coach diane eble

Other Options for Custom Coding 

1. Three (3) personal one-on-one custom code sessions

A great way to gain momentum for your healing journey.

order 3 custom coding sessions with healing codes coach diane eble

2Single session one-on-one custom code option

Try out coaching or just augment your regular use of The Healing Code with a personalized Healing Code and some testing for hidden memories.

get one healing code custom coding session

 With ANY Custom Coding package, I will be happy to pray for you, if you request that option on your Consent form. For many clients, that is their favorite part! 


Even MORE Options for Custom Codes:

Healing Hearts Circle: Affordable, Coach-Guided Group Codes for the Whole Month! 

Learn more about the Healing Hearts Circle.

Right On Every Time

"I have been working with Diane on my Healing Codes journey for 6 years and her help is invaluable to me! She is connected and insightful and so in tune to her clients.

"Talking about heart issues is a sensitive practice and Diane always meets my vulnerability with understanding and wisdom. As a matter of fact, every time she gently suggests a direction to work on or wraps words around a feeling that I am having trouble articulating she is right on."

-- Laura R., Healing Hearts Circle member


 Healing Momentum Monthly Plan

Because healing of source issues does not happen overnight, you need to build momentum. The Healing Codes do not work like an antibiotic, that you take for 2 weeks and the issue is cured. It's more like the vitamin C you need every day to get and stay well. 

I can't stress enough how important it is to persevere in this work. It's the consistent addressing of heart issues that gives results--period. If you start and stop, you can't expect to experience the deep healing that I and so many others have known from doing Healing Codes regularly. (For more on this, read "THE Key to Healing Code Results.")

This is why I created this new coaching option. This plan is right for you if:

  • you are serious about your healing. 
  • you realize it's a healing journey and would like a mentor. 
  • you have some kind long-standing and/or chronic issue, but are for one reason or other unable or do not need to commit to the full Healing Code Intensive package (below). 

 Details on the Healing Momentum Monthly Plan here.

Healing Codes Coaching Intensive 3-Month Program

For those who need and want to make a full commitment to their healing. Details here. 

"Four Days of Healing Codes vs. 10 Years of Therapy"

From a Healing Codes Coaching Intensive Program client:


"I did therapy for 10 years to help resolve my emotional issues, specifically fear and anxiety, and I've seen more improvement in 4 days of doing [your custom] Healing Codes than I did in 10 years [of therapy].


"I asked my husband, 'Do you see a change in me? I feel so different.' He said, 'You seem freer, less burdened.'"


--A.S., South Carolina, USA


Special Book Package 

The Healing Code book

If you don't already have The Healing Code book, you may also get a copy with one personal Custom Coaching session for only $155. You're essentially getting a Personal Coding session and the softcover book at a 67% discount, plus free shipping (US only)! 

This 321-page #1 best seller includes much of what is in The Healing Codes Manual and more–such as the 10-second Instant Impact technique to get rid of circumstantial stress. (This technique is not found anywhere else.)

Please note: Book can only be shipped within the U.S..

  Book + custom code: $155.00 USD

get the healing code book plus custom coding session  


You will also automatically get Diane's tips for getting the most out of The Healing Codes.

"Can't Thank You Enough ..."

"Just wanted to give you an update on the last code you gave me. Had a healing response from the first time I did the code which in past experience means the code is spot on!!

"As of just today, I am feeling a sense of peace and love that I have never felt before and it's eerily exciting!!

"Can't thank you enough for digging deeper and figuring out what was really wrong with me ... what a blessing and answer to prayer you are to me!! God bless you my friend." --B.C.

*The Healing Codes do not treat, diagnose, or cure anything. By "healing" we mean that it will change the negative "charge" on the memories, images, and beliefs that we believe are the true source of health, relationship or success issues. I call these "issues of the heart" and this is ALL any Healing Code addresses. For the full Disclaimer, which all clients are required to sign before their Healing Codes session, click here.


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