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R.H.I.A. Transformation Approach:

The Prayer-based Approach to Releasing Energy Blocks, Healing Negative Images, Beliefs and Memories, Infusing Truth, Love and Light, and Aligning with God's Good Intentions for You


For my personal healing and with some of my clients, I have been using several unique techniques I've developed, which together I am calling the R.H.I.A. Transformational Approach.

I admit to being biased toward my RHIA Tranformation Approch, which is totally different from Trilogy, though it, too, incorporatates The Healing Codes.

I have been using RHIA with my Healing Codes Coaching Intensive clients, and they love it.

RHIA stands for Releasing-Healing-Infusing-Aligning/Activating, and is a very spiritual approach to healing. It is based on my years of study in brain science, healing, prayer, energy medicine, and spirituality.

While most systems emphasize getting rid of a problem by clearing energy blocks and healing, I realized that that's only part of what needs to be done.  What I wanted for myself and my clients is tranformation. 

While Releasing and Healing are very important--half of RHIA is focused on that--to get to transformation you need the second two pieces:  Infusing and Aligning.

We need to Infuse the positive, and Align ourselves with God, the true Source of all life, love and truth.

My RHIA Transformation Approach incorporates all four elements in each of the techniques, though each technique emphasizes one a bit more.

In the Releasing piece, you will clear the energy blocks and negative energy. You will release all that is not good for you, all that is not meant for you. You will release these things from your spirit, your soul, and your body. Here you will also begin the Aligning and Infusing process.

In the Healing part, you will do your Healing Code. Here you will not only heal, but also Infuse the positive and Align with God. I've always thought the power of The Healing Codes was in the replacing of the negative with the positive. I have a specific way of doing that in RHIA that is extremely effective. (Ask my clients!)

The final technique is all about Infusing and Aligning.

Another beauty of RHIA is that you can do any piece of it all on its own, depending on your need of the moment.

Every part of RHIA Transformation Approach is based on prayer. Every single piece. If you don't want to pray, you won't like RHIA. Stick with Trilogy, which is more generalized.

If you would like to try the CHIA Healing Method with your custom Healing Code, simply order a Custom Healing Code and request to learn about RHIA as well.