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Review of Healing Codes product*

The Relationship Codes

The Relationship Codes are the latest in the Healing Codes suite of products, and I agree with Dr. Alex Loyd: This is the most robust package they offer.

Relationships: Overlooked Key to Health

I also agree that good relationships are essential to health, success, and happiness.

In fact, studies bear this out. I just read in the "Special Health Double Issue" of Time magazine (Feb.23-March 2, 2015) about some studies on longevity and health. Good, close relationships protect against premature death, and people with strong intimate relationships also have a better prognosis when they do have health problems.

It's not just marriage we're talking about, either. Women who stayed single, got and stayed divorced or were widowed often live quite long if they had good friends, said Howard S. Friedman, author of The Longevity Project.

Researchers are finding too that the quality of the relationships matter--a lot. So it's not just being married, it's "the way people treat each other on a daily basis [that] clearly impacts physical health."

The Time article also mentioned something called "broken heart syndrome." This term actually refers to something called "stress-induced cardiomyopathy--[which] can be caused by an emotionally stressful event like the death of a loved one or even a very tough breakup. It's often mistaken for a heart attack, but instead of blocked arteries, the culprit is a tsunami of stress hormones that cause the heart to temporarily expand, limiting its ability to pump."

Yet another scientific indication that stress can kill you, literally. But, on the flip side, dealing with the stress and creating harmonious relationships prolongs life.

And that's what The Relationship Codes will equip you to do: heal the stress hidden in relationships, which will contribute to health and overall well-being.

What You Get in The Relationship Codes Package

The Relationship Codes comes in either "Digital" (download and access the Manual, audios and videos via the Internet), or "Digital Physical Copy" (DVDs and MP3s), which is $50 more. 

If you don't have any other Healing Code product (aside from the book), The Relationship Codes is the one I'd suggest starting with. It gives you everything The Healing Codes package does, and so much more.

This is what you get when you invest in The Relationship Codes today, either the Digital only or the Digital Physical package:

  • The Relationship Codes Action Guide (Manual): A BIG 300 pages that gives the background on The Relationship Codes as well as complete explanation of The Relationship Codes System. It also goes into depth explaining the Pre-Work as well as the 10 Critical Relationship Categories and the Core Relationship Healing System.
  • Immediate Access To Online Members Area: The members area contains 11 in-depth online training videos as well as downloadable audio training mp3's and all of the bonus resources.
  • Portable Relationship Codes: For you to take with you and to use when you are on the go.

Plus These Additional Bonuses:

  • Getting Started with The Relationship Codes - mp3: Two Hour Coaching Call with Dr. Alex
  • Now That You Are Doing The Relationships Codes - mp3: Two-hour Coaching Call with Dr. Alex
  • One Hour Bonus Coaching Session - mp3: "Your Personality Explained and The Implications of That in Your Relationships"
  • Two Hour Open Forum Coaching Sessions - mp3 - Tom Costello, Director of Coaching for The Healing Codes and Mary Ann Costello for in-depth open forum coaching on The Relationship Codes.
  • Healing NOW! Program Full Access - You get immediate access to the full program of Healing NOW! This program others paid $197 to access, it is your FREE with your investment in The Relationship Codes
  • Success NOW! Program Full Access: You get immediate access to the full program of Success NOW! This program others paid $197 to access, it is your FREE with your investment in The Relationship Codes
  • 4 Relationship Codes Circles: This is the mp3 audio of each session in which participants bring the relationship issues they want healed and experience the power of a group working to address their issues together.

Order The Relationship Codes Now

If You Already Own The Healing Codes or Success Codes

If you already have The Healing Codes Manual or The Success Codes, it's up to you whether you want to supplement that with this. You could just take The Relationship Issues Finder and then work on the issues in the in the 10 Relationship Codes categories.

This will make more sense to you once you take the Relationship Issues Finder. Each new Relationship Codes category is a combination of other categories. For instance, the Behavior category is the combination of "harmful actions" and "self-control." So if you score low on Behavior, you could use Codes on the Harmful Actions and Self-Control categories from either the Healing Codes or Success Codes Manual.

Clunky, but still doable, especially if getting the Relationship Codes is not in your budget for now. (Note: you will receive an email from The Healing Codes company with results to your Relationship Issues Finder. There will be an order link in that email. You may of course order from them, but if you decide to order from me from this link, you will also be eligible to get my bonus below.)

My Experience Coaching on Relationship Issues

I have already begun to coach some people on relational issues. In some cases, long-standing problems that weren't healing have begun to heal when we address the relationship itself.

This has been something of a revelation to me. It's as if any close relationship is an entity in itself that can either block or speed healing. Once that relationship issue is healed, amazing things happen--including physical healing.

So if you have an issue that hasn't been healing, consider working on healing relationships. That could well be the missing link. It could be a relationship with yourself, God, or another person, even perhaps an organization.

Relationships are key to health and happiness because we were created to be relational beings. Get The Relationship Codes if you possibly can. I don't think you'll regret it.

The Relationship Codes might be right for you if:

  • You don't own either the Healing Codes or Success Codes Manual already. 
  • You have relationship issues. 
  • You don't know what it feels like to feel joy. (Joy can be defined as knowing people are "happy to be with you/glad to see you." Some of us have never experienced this.) 
  • You lack strong relationships with other people, yourself, or God. 

To read more about the Relationship Codes from their website, go here.

I want to order The Relationship Codes now in 2 payments of $98.50.

order Relationship codes 2 payments $98.50 each

I want to order The Relationship Codes now in 1 payment of $197.

 get relationship codes 1 payment of $197

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