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Recommendations and Reviews of Products to Enhance Your Healing Codes Journey

My purpose and passion is to help people heal. In the process of educating myself about the best ways to do that, I regularly come across products that purport to do all sorts of wonderful things. I only check out the ones I think have merit. Then, I only promote the ones that meet the following criteria:

  1. I have to have used it and truly benefited from it myself.  Every single product I recommend here must be something I have used and continue to use myself. I must have experienced measurable results (which I will describe in my review in detail.) And I have either used it over a reasonable amount of time, or seen remarkable quick results that have lasted.  
  2. It has to be of real benefit to a large number of people with various ailments.  If it only targets an issue few people have, I won't review or recommend it.  
  3. It has to be complementary in some way to The Healing Codes.  I believe The Healing Codes are one of the best self-care healing systems out there. I will not promote any other energy healing system because I believe The Healing Codes are the best. Clients who have tried everything else under the sun affirm this. The products I recommend must do something that supports and enhances The Healing Codes, but are not a substitute for The Healing Codes, which I believe from many years of personal and client experiences is the best healing tool out there.  
  4. I must have some kind of experience with the company and feel good about their philosophy and marketing methods.   The company must be solid, with a solid product and ethical people and practices (as far as I've been able to tell). This is extremely important to me. There's too much hype and schlocky products out there. I can usually spot them right away, but sometimes problems surface later. That's why I have to have a history myself with dealing with the company.  
  5. The product or person must not conflict with my values or worldview.  This is not to say that everyone I recommend will entirely line up with my own views. I respect other people's perspectives and think that people who think differently than me often have much to teach me. But if there's a fundamental conflict with my own values, I either won't recommend them, or I'll mention my reservations.  
  6. The product must be a very good value for the price.  There are some products out there I've tried that are very good, but honestly, they are overpriced. I need to feel that a product has to be well worth the money before I will recommend it. If I have reservations, I'll tell you about it. 

Reviews of Products by The Healing Codes Company* 

*Dr. Alexander Loyd and The Healing Codes Company are totally separate from me. 

 While Dr. Alexander Loyd has a number of other products, I recommend the following as rhe most effective.

 The Healing Code (book) The Healing Code book cover

The Healing Code has become an international best seller (available in more than 29 countries and 24 languages) and has been a #1 Amazon Bestseller in 11 categories: General, Health, Mind & Body, Healing, Alternative Medicine, Psychology & Counseling, Counseling, Self Help, Stress Management, Quick Workouts, and Religion and Spirituality  

The book explains the theory behind this healing mode--the how and why it works the way it does. It goes into great detail about the dynamics of "heart issues" and how they cause stress--the kind of stress that causes almost all our physical, emotional, relational, and success issues. That is Part One.  

Part Two gives the Universal Healing Code that works on just about any issue, tells how to use it in detail, and also gives the Instant Impact technique for healing circumstantial stress (as in when you're stuck in traffic, late for meetings, have an argument with someone, etc.). You can download an excerpt and/or get the book through www.thehealingcodeinfo.com

If you order from there, you get some extra helps from me personally, in addition to the bonuses you'll get from The Healing Codes organization when you register the book. For instance, I give you some instructions on using The Healing Code so you can get started even before your book arrives. 

The Healing Code book is right for you if:

  • You want to understand more about The Healing Code and "heart issues"    
  • You want you want to know how to do The Healing Code    
  • You want to know how to do the Instant Impact technique for reducing "circumstantial" or conscious stress. (The book explains how The Healing Code heals unconscious stress.)    
  • You want the extra coaching helps from me and free shipping (order from the link below).     

Order The Healing Code book alone

Order The Healing Code with 1 Discounted Coaching Session

 The Healing Codes 1 Package

 (includes The Healing Codes Manual)

The Healing Codes package includes the Healing Codes Manual and is a complete program that gives two Healing Codes for each of the 12 Healing Code Categories (unforgiveness, harmful actions, unhealthy beliefs, love, joy, peace etc. These 12 categories can be found in chapter 11 of The Healing Code, and in the Healing Codes Manual).

These Codes cover just about any physical or emotional issue that you can think of. In the Manual, there is a Problem Reference Guide where you can look up an issue and find the exact Codes to use to heal the pictures in the heart that are associated with that issue. (Remember, The Healing Codes ONLY heal issues of the heart--which, as the book explains, are the true source of every other issue.) 

This digital version gives you the Manual and an online video to get you going. You can find out more about that at www.healingcodesmanual.com

I do highly recommend The Healing Codes Manual, one way or another, because it includes everything you'll need to heal and keep healed the issues of your heart, and any resulting health, relationship or success issues, for the rest of your life. You can also use it to help others heal. (I do the Codes for other people and see amazing results.) 

The Healing Codes Package is right for you if:

  • You are committed to doing Healing Codes daily.    
  • You have tried the universal Healing Code (from the book) and feel you need something more powerful for your issue.    
  • You want more targeted Healing Codes and more guidance about how to do them.    
  • You want to do Healing Codes for other people, and all you know is their physical or emotional issue. (The Problem Reference Guide will help you know which of the 12 Categories would help that kind of issue.)    

Choose your Healing Codes Package

The Healing Codes II Package:

Ramp Up Your Healing for Faster, Deeper Results

The Healing Codes II package was developed by Dr. Alex Loyd to incorporate his new research and insights into brain psychology and the vagus nerve. 

As I have been testing it on myself and clients who attended the live seminar in which Dr. Loyd introduced the new techniques, I have to say: 

There seems to be a synergistic effect between the Healing Codes I and Healing Codes II, so that together they do more than either would do alone. 

I have had issues resolve in one session, where it might have normally taken several days. In every case, I can say with each session I have experienced shifts, so that by the next time I would sit down to work on the same issue, I was working on another aspect of that issue. 

Once when the issue was a physical pain, I used the Healing Codes II technique for physical pain, and the pain resolved. 

One day, something happened in a relationship that caused me a great deal of emotional pain. I felt devastated in a way that I haven't felt for a long time. 

Of course I addressed it with a Healing Code, and also the Healing Code II for non-physical pain. Within a day, not only was the emotional pain gone, but the outward cause of the pain (the relationship) completely turned around! 

My clients are reporting similar results with The Healing Codes II. 

I incorporate Healing Codes II in my Healing Hearts Circle group coaching, so if you join that Circle you will get the Healing Codes II positions. The Healing Codes II Package includes a 300+ page Manual, 8 hours of video instruction, and the 5 HCII codes.

The Healing Codes II are right for you if: 

·  You want/need faster, deeper healing of your issue.

·  You want the fullest power of The Healing Codes. Together Healing Codes I and II seem to have a syngergistic effect. 

Choose your Healing Codes Package

Music for The Healing Codes

Elio Music for the Healing Codes


Music can often enhance healing, according to many studies. But not all music has healing properties. Read my review of Elio, listen to clips of his music, and watch/listen to the video or audio of my interview with Elio about healing and his music. People often have trouble focusing, or staying focused, on something positive while doing Healing Codes. For many, this is the answer.  Read my full review of Elio and his music.


Elio offers two albums: Music for The Healing Codes 1, which corresponds to the Healing Codes 1 package (though you don't need Healing Codes 1 to use the music), and Music for The Healing Codes II, which are longer selections. Also, each comes with or without the 30-second prompt.

Music for The Healing Codes is right for you if:

  • You enjoy music and like Elio's music in particular.    
  • You're not sure what to focus on when doing a Healing Code. (You can just relax and let the music provide the positive frequencies.)    
  • You feel uncomfortable about timing your Healing Code. The option "With Prompts" has chimes every 30 seconds or so, enabling you to relax and change positions when you hear the prompt.    
  • You like the added bonus of just being able to listen to great music, even when not doing a Healing Code.    

      Check out Music for The Healing Codes (1 and II)


    Recommendations of Other Complementar y Products 

    There are just a handful of products I recommend that enhance The Healing Codes in different ways.

    The MELT Method: Stuck Stress in the Body

    We know that stress is the main factor of up to 95 percent of all illness and disease.

    There is the unconscious stress caused by the hidden destructive memories, unconscious beliefs, and negative images stored in our bodies and, I believe, our spirits. This is the stress that The Healing Codes and prayer excel in healing. 

    There is another "stuck stress" that can come from the ways we sit, stand, walk, and otherwise move and position our bodies. For that kind of stress, there is a wonderful method I've begun to use that is yielding wonderful results, for me, my friends, and my clients. 

    It is called the MELT Method, developed by Sue Hitzman, in her book by that name.  

    The MELT Method is very simple. Through some gentle techniques using special balls and/or a roller, it rehydrates the connective tissues in your body. 

    Connective tissue supports all your organs, your skeletal structure, your muscles, and every cell. In fact, as I studied Sue Hitzman's book and put it alongside the models of the energy systems in the body, I can't help but wonder if connective tissue is the physical mechanism through which energy, or the body's electricity, flows. 

    And we know that water is a conductor of electricity. So doesn't it make sense that the places where our energy gets blocked, would be those places where our connective tissue is dehydrated? 

    At any rate, through these gentle techniques, you end up rebalancing the central nervous system regulators and boosting your body's natural healing and repair mechanisms. 

    It is the perfect complement to The Healing Codes. The Healing Codes neutralize the stress from negative memories, images and beliefs, and MELT erases the "stuck stress" that shows up in the body not only from negative memories and the like, but from the repetitive movements from daily living that also produce "stuck stress." 

    The MELT Method claims to address numerous issues, so it might be right for you if: 

    ·You sit much of the day, especially at a computer.

    ·  You are in chronic pain.

    • You have been diagnosed with systemic conditions such as cancer, MS, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, dystonia, lupus and numerous others   
    • You have a neurological, immune disorder, or cancer   

    ·     You have a connective tissue disorder such as CFS, Fibromyalgia, and others; or a spinal disease 

    In her book, Sue Hitzman has “MELT Maps” that address all of the above and more.

    melt method banner

    Plant-Based Solutions

    Plants have been used to heal probably since the beginning of time, and the medicinal value of plants is well-researched and well documented.  

    We get the goodness of plants through what we eat (make sure it’s organic, these days), through Essential Oils, herbs and other botanicals, and through a brand-new invention, called the Halo Light System. 

    In Genesis God said, “‘Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.’” Then, in the last book of the Bible, in Revelation 22:1-2, there is this wonderful image: “Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”  

    Plants were given by God for nutrition, for life, for healing, along with water and light (the Lamb being also the Light of the World).  

    For nutrition, no doubt you have your favorite supplements, and there are scads of good ones.  

    Beyond nutrition, there’s the whole arena of plant-based medicine, using Essential Oils and the newest and most advanced way of getting the goodness of plants into your system: The HALO Light System  .  

    Essential Oils & Herbs

    essential oils ancient medicineOne great way to incorporate plant-based solutions is to use good quality Essential Oils. I personally use DoTerra brand , but another source I believe in is Dr. Josh Axe’s brand, Ancient Apothecary. He has also written a wonderful book, along with Dr. Jordan Rubin and Ty Bolinger, called Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine, which is the essential oils book I’ve been looking for for two years. Beautifully laid out, it includes research on essential oils, what the main ones do, a problem reference guide, complementary supplements for various ailments, Jordan Rubin’s Healing Touch Therapy, and much, much more

    Another wonderful reference guide is    Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism: Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Diseaseby Donald R. Yance. This is a huge compendium of information not just on the plants and how to use them, including references, but also on stress and the keys to optimal health. You will learn so much not just about plant healing, but about how the body works to achieve optimal health.

    Both of these books helped me to see why “the next frontier” in plant-based medicine is probably the new invention by Michael Thomas, the HALO Light Systems.

    The HALO Light Systems 

    Every so often I come across something truly remarkable, and my spirit just knows it's a breakthrough.

    That's how I felt when I heard about The Healing Codes. Something "clicked" in my spirit, and I had to try it. 

    Seven months after doing The Healing Codes to address the issues of my heart--not the physical issues--I discovered that a hole in my heart got closed up (verified by test results and two doctors). 

    Now there's something else that gives me the same "click" in my spirit. 

    It's something called the HALO , which stands for Harmonic Amplified Light Output. It is a revolutionary approach that combines the power of LIGHT and the power of botanicals in a delivery system that gets the harmonic essences of these therapeutic plants into your body in the most bio-available way possible.

    halo light system kit imageThe HALO was developed by Michael Thomas, a master chemist who through tragedy and then his own life-altering bout with 3 kinds of cancer, developed an instrument that gives the body an amazing array of life-giving botanical harmonic essences that allow the body to heal itself. 

    The whole story behind the HALO and how it works--including inventor Michael Thomas's tragic story--is totally engrossing. I highly recommend you take some time to look over the informational site at www.plantsandlight.com .

    My Experience with the HALO

    I bought the HALO Blue and began using it on April 6, 2017. 

    Because of my regular Healing Code work--I have been doing Healing Codes at least twice a day since 2007--I didn't have a lot of major physical issues. Yes, before The Healing Codes I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, osteoporosis, and a few other things, but those issues are largely under control since I started using the HALO. 

    Since using the HALO, though, I have seen many interesting to amazing results. For instance, something that looked like a black splinter showed up on my finger. It was not a splinter, though. Probably was a wart of some kind. After using the HALO on it for just a minute or two for a few days, whatever it was just flaked off. 

    I shared my experiences with the HALO in a teleseminar. You can go here to get a replay of that as well as much more information on the Halo.  I am also one of the very first Certified HALO Coaches. You can find out more about that at www.DianeEble.com/halocoaching.html

    I see the HALO Light System as an investment in my health. I've already saved money because I don't have to see my chiropractor anymore. He was treating me for neck pain and adrenal issues. 

    The neck pain is nearly gone. The last time I saw the chiropractor, I showed him how mobile my neck was. (More than for the past many years.) I also asked him to test my adrenals. He said they were "much improved," not quite there yet. I had run out of the supplements he gave me so all I had been doing was the HALO. 

    The HALO is right for you if: 

    ·        You understand and believe that the body can heal itself, given the right “ingredients” to work with. 

    ·        You are willing to invest in something that will last you and your loved ones the rest of your life, to provide your body plant-based energies to help your body heal itself. 

    ·        You have “tried everything” and you are not getting better. (The HALO delivers such a wide array of botanicals, there’s a good chance your body will get what it hasn’t been able to get anywhere else.) 

    If you come to the conclusion that the HALO is right for you, and you make the decision to get it, I have some bonuses for you when you order a HALO through http://www.plantsandlight.com . Go here to find out about the HALO bonuses

    To me, plant-based solutions—in all the forms—are THE way to go. 


    If You Ever Need More Help . . .

    Remember, if you feel you need some help identifying your issues, you may always get a custom Healing Code and coaching. I can easily test for hidden memories which, when found and addressed, can dramatically speed your healing and make it permanent.

    One of the things I always test for is "hidden memories." Your heart may, on its own, find these generational, in utero, birth trauma or early hidden memories, but often it doesn’t, simply because they’re so foundational and unconscious. My energetic testing will find whatever hidden memories are surfacing and ready to heal.

    The Healing Codes are designed for self-help, but many of us can always use some personal attention along the way. If you ever feel stuck on your own, visit www.healingcodescoaching.com/order-custom-healing-codes.html  and we will be in touch to speed your healing. 

    Whether you need to be supported, have questions, or would love to give a testimonial, feel free to contact me. Note that the best way to reach me is email, as I’m on the phone with clients a lot!

    Note: You can assume that any product I promote that you buy through a link on my site will pay me an affiliate commission. This allows me to pay the bills and keep my coaching fees as affordable as I can, as well as have the time to educate you about things like how to get the most out of The Healing Codes, articles which reach a wide number of people who will never pay me a cent. I love writing about healing and this is one of the ways I get to finance it.

    So if you would be so kind as to buy through my links (this means you need cookies enabled on your device), I would be most grateful and can continue to bring you good information about healing, 90% of which is offered freely. Thank you in advance.