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Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing Codes and healing prayer with Certified Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson

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Why Get Custom Healing Codes

and Coaching?

One client answers ...  

"Your codes are more powerful and go so much deeper than I ever imagined. It is like the hand of God reaching into my psyche and illuminating what needs to be done." --JB 

Coaching for Quicker Results

The Healing Code in The Healing Code book is the "universal Healing Code" that works for most people for most issues. Many people report  remarkable results from just using that Healing Code, which is based on 10 years of testing by Alex Loyd to determine that this Healing Code works for most people and most issues.

However, you may have an issue for which you want/need faster results. Or your problem is more serious or urgent. Or you feel stuck and don't seem to be getting the results you desire.

Working with a Certified Healing Codes Coach can be just what you need in these cases.

Through my deep listening and attunement skills, honed for this particular work since 2010, I help you pinpoint the memories, images and beliefs that truly are at the source of what’s bothering you, whether it’s a health, relationship or success issue. Often there are hidden or even generational memories that greatly inhibit healing until they are found and healed.

The more specifically we can pinpoint your issue, and the more specific a Healing Code is to your issue, the faster--and deeper--the healing. What I'm always looking, testing and listening for are the "keywords to your heart"--the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal at this time.

I will develop a custom Healing Code for you to do on your own at home. You will get a Healing Code that is specific to your exact issue, how long to do it, how many times per day, and how long the code will be very strong for you. (Custom Healing Codes do "expire," usually within 14 days. That's because the code is so specific to your issue, that as your issue heals and shifts, the code sort of "goes out of register." It's actually a good sign--your issue is changing!)

Depending on the program you choose, I can also train you in the several other powerful "tools" I have developed, one of which is especially good if you are a Highly Sensitive Person. One technique, for instance, will release any negative energy that you may have taken on from others.

I can also even do with you over the phone what's called a Coach-Guided Code. I am one of the Coaches who has been certified to do these powerful, "streaming" Codes in which I guide you step by step as we do the process together for getting your pressing issue down to an acceptable level.

Besides developing Custom Codes for your issue, I will also help you get the most out of using the Healing Codes and my other methods, so that you will confidently know how to use these powerful healing methods for the rest of your life.

I can also develop Custom Codes for you to use for or with other people, or even a pet. 

"These custom codes are so addicting because they pounce on the issue so fast! I feel a peace, a lightness, and I am so patient with my children now."--Mary, Missouri 


The Best Way to Heal

Though for years I worked mostly one on one with people, I also ran a "Healing Hearts Circle" at the same time.

It is a group coaching program in which I connect with each person in the "circle," and develop a group Coach-Guided custom Healing Code for them to continue to do for the next 2-3 weeks.

I became convinced that the group coaching codes are more powerful, for several reasons:

  • the synergy of the group produced a more powerful effect than 1:1. We connect energetically with one another, in only a positive way (I have safeguards to ensure that), so that the energy of the group is greater than the sum of the individuals. This is called morphic resonance. 
  • when one person does his/her code, everyone benefits, because of that energetic connection. So you will receive much more healing energy than if you did it on your own. 
  • In a group, when one person is coached, or shares an insight, the other participants benefit as well. And the person who shares is witnessed by the others, which in itself is healing. 
  • Though the format is group, there is plenty of personalized interaction with me and others (who so wish) during the calls. You get to email me your issue ahead of time, so we make sure your particular issue is pinpointed. On the call, you may ask questions and get some coaching, and I test for hidden memories and even have a way to personalize the group code for you! 

Here's what Laura R., who has been in the Healing Hearts Circle almost since the beginning, says: 


"I started working with Diane with a custom Healing Code, then started the Healing Hearts Circle. What I can tell you is the guidance Diane gives me through the process of The Healing Codes and through understanding the feelings and emotions to work with, and digging through these issues in my life has been invaluable.

"I highly recommend working with Diane. The Healing Hearts Circle is amazing. [You get] the custom codes twice a month where you have someone who really understands the process helping you figure out where to go and what to do and what's working. It's wonderful. I don't feel like I'm spinning in circles anymore.

"This process is amazing. It really helps get the interference of the world and your own emotions and anxiety out of the way, so we can really be the people God created us to be."

--Laura R.

For these reasons and more, I have decided to mainly offer group coaching.

Here are your options.

Healing Hearts Circle: 

Affordable, Coach-Guided Group Codes for the Whole Month!  

Healing Hearts Circle

A Healing Hearts Circle is a meeting via phone/web call in which you experience the power of a Coach-guided, group custom Healing Code to address your issues, together with others who also want to heal.

On this call I guide you every step of the way.

You will never have to share any personal details that you don’t want to–not even your last name. However, if you attend the live calls, you are welcome to share more if you like. Members who do attend live and share find the validation from others, and the additional coaching from me, very valuable. 

"I'm always amazed on these calls the way someone says something that clarifies an issue I was working on, or that was in the background that comes to the forefront to be healed."

--Celine R., British Columbia

Whether you attend live or just access the recording later, you will email me your issue ahead of time. On the call I will go around and ask each person to rate the strength of the issue (1-10 rating). I also test for hidden memories and suggest the Healing Codes II postion to focus on during the Prayer of Intention.

I will get a group Healing Code that addresses all the issues together, and  lead us through actually doing the Code together, from the prayer through the meditation, including the appropriate Healing Code Music in the background.

What I do during this session is attune to each person’s issue, and to God, and in the meditation I let God guide me as to the images, words, or silence that flow through me to you to heal and connect you more closely with your divine design.

I record the whole coach-guided part, so you will later be able to sit back and continue to be guided every time you do this Healing Code. Plus, the synergy of us doing the Healing Code together amplifies your healing.

Then, I will give you ANOTHER custom Healing Code which you can use for your issue until we meet again. So you will have two options throughout the month: listen to the recorded guided Healing Code, or do your custom code on your own.

As mentioned, the collective power of doing the codes together increases the effectiveness of the Healing Code exponentially.

Please note the we must limit each call's membership to 12-15 people. Otherwise, there won't be much time to do the Code, which is what you're there for. So, it is a first-come, first-served basis.

The Code that you will get will be powerful for your issues throughout the week as well. These custom group codes usually lasts 14-21 days.

Learn more about the Healing Hearts Circle. 

Right On Every Time

"I have been working with Diane on my Healing Codes journey for 9 years and her help is invaluable to me! She is connected and insightful and so in tune to her clients.

"Talking about heart issues is a sensitive practice and Diane always meets my vulnerability with understanding and wisdom. As a matter of fact, every time she gently suggests a direction to work on or wraps words around a feeling that I am having trouble articulating she is right on."

-- L. R., Healing Hearts Circle member

Coaching for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

It fascinates me that 90%+ of my clients over the years have this trait called Sensory Processing Sensitivity, or simply, High Sensitivity. Only 20-30% of the population possesses this inborn trait, yet the vast majority of my clients have this more finely-tuned nervous system.


I think there are a number of reasons.

  1. The traits of High Sensitivity (depth of processing, easily overstimulated, empathy and emotional responsiveness, and sensitive to subtle stimuli) tend to lead to self-awareness and a desire to heal. 
  2. HSPs may have more to heal than others. When you're part of a world that is geared toward people who do not share this trait, you may experience more "heart issues," such as feeling you don't fit in, like there's something wrong with you (many HSPs grew up hearing, "you're too sensitive," and internalizing this as a flaw), that you're not good enough, that your needs aren't important, etc. 
  3. Part of the trait is called differential susceptibility, which means that the bad things impact you more--but also, so do the good things! HSPs raised in a supportive environment tend to excel above less-sensitive people. The converse is also true: HSPs who grew up in a non-supportive, abusive, or neglectful environment tended to show more mental and physical problems later in life. 
  4. The Healing Codes, because of the gentle, meditative aspect of the modality, tend to attract HSPs. Also, HSPs heal very well with this particular modality (that's where differential susceptibility is an asset!). 

If you think you are Highly Sensitive, I encourage you to visit my web page here. Take the quiz and the survey, and join me once a month (third Tuesday) for a coaching call to learn more about the trait, get your questions answered along with some coaching, and even a custom Healing Code if you attend live! 

I want to learn more about being Highly Sensitive and get coaching!

The Immanuel Connection:

Personally Experience God's Presence

connect with God love

I am super excited to bring something I've been doing since 2012 with individuals--Immanuel Prayer--to a group format, which I'm calling the Immanuel Connection.

The Immanuel Connection is about experiencing "God with us" (that’s what “Immanuel” means).

It’s a way of opening our hearts to God and discovering His thoughts and feelings about us and our situation, whether we are feeling joyful or we’re in pain.

The goal is to experience attunement from God and to build connection and secure attachment with Him. In the process, God may heal us of wounds or give us new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Scripture talks about God being with us all the time:

  • “The LORD your God is with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.”  This promise is repeated something like 14 times throughout the Bible! 
  • The Lord also says to us, “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts. My ways are far beyond anything you can imagine.” 

When He brings his thoughts into a situation, they’re going to be good, helpful, valuable thoughts. And when we reach out to Him, He is always there. When we tune in and we learn how to pay attention, He is always available.

The Immanuel Connection is a way to learn how to pay attention to God's real presence in any situation. It is a crucial part of being Aligned with Your Divine Design.TM 

Click below to download the "Introduction to Immanuel Connections" for details and an invitation to attend your first call as my guest!

Turbo-Charge Your Healing with Healing Hearts Circle Plus:

All Four Calls for the Price of Three!

I highly recommend signing up for all four of the calls above.


Because of the synergistic effect.

Week One is the Immanuel Connection call. You will connect with Immanuel, and receive what you need to infuse the positive. You may also learn what lie you are currently believing, and what the truth is that Immanuel wants to replace it with. This will be the foundation for your ongoing healing throughout the month.

Weeks Two and Four (second and fourth Tuesdays of the month) you experience the Coach-Guided group custom Healing Code for healing the lie you're believing, and whatever else comes up, and infusing the positive images and words that God gives me in the meditation and guided Healing Code. You will always have a fresh custom Healing Code to work with, and this will speed your healing, I promise!

Week Three (third Tuesday of the month) is the open coaching/QA, where you can receive personal coaching and get your questions answered. Though not exclusively focused on issues of being Highly Sensitive, this is the place you can ask questions/get coaching on that specifically, and those questions will be given priority. If you can't make the live calls, you may submit a question ahead of time and I'll do my best to answer it. If you can be on the live call, you may get a custom Healing Code if you want one.

Can you see how all these calls work together to provide maximum support for your healing?

That's why I highly recommend you sign up for the whole Healing Hearts Circle Plus program, and basically get one call free!

order 3 custom coding sessions with healing codes coach diane eble

"Can't Thank You Enough ..."

"Just wanted to give you an update on the last code you gave me. Had a healing response from the first time I did the code which in past experience means the code is spot on!!

"As of just today, I am feeling a sense of peace and love that I have never felt before and it's eerily exciting!!

"Can't thank you enough for digging deeper and figuring out what was really wrong with me ... what a blessing and answer to prayer you are to me!! God bless you my friend." --B.C.


 If You Want to God Beyond Mere Healing, to True Transformation . . .

Introducing Align with Your Divine DesignTM with the CHRIA* Cycle of TransformationTM 


Because healing of source issues does not happen overnight, you need to build momentum. 

The Healing Codes do not work like an antibiotic that you take for 2 weeks and the issue is cured. It's more like the vitamin C you need every day to get and stay well. 

I can't stress enough how important it is to persevere in this work. It's the consistent addressing of heart issues that gives results--period. If you start and stop, you can't expect to experience the deep healing that I and so many others have known from doing Healing Codes regularly. (For more on this, read "THE Key to Healing Code Results.")

This is why I created this new coaching program. This plan is right for you if:

  • you are serious about your healing because you have some kind long-standing and/or chronic issue, and are ready to make a full commitment. 
  • you realize it's a healing journey and would like a mentor. 
  • you long to go beyond mere healing, to true transformation, so that you Align with Your Divine Design and know, deep in your bones, why you are here--and you live it out! 
  • You long to heal in a community. 
  • You desire a deeper connection to God, yourself and other people.    

 Details on the Align with Your Divine Design Program here. 


*The Healing Codes do not treat, diagnose, or cure anything. By "healing" we mean that it will change the negative "charge" on the memories, images, and beliefs that we believe are the true source of health, relationship or success issues. I call these "issues of the heart" and this is ALL any Healing Code addresses. For the full Disclaimer, which all clients are required to sign before their Healing Codes session, click here.


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