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How to Time a Healing Code

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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Since it's most effective to hold each Healing Code position for around 30 seconds, people often ask, "How do I time the positions so I'm not distracted?"

I suggest three ways.

1. Keep track of your breaths. Ahead of time, before you do the Code, look at a clock and count how many normal breaths you take in 30 seconds. Then during the Code, keep track of your breaths. This works especially well if you're using a Love Picture (positive image of some sort) to focus on while doing the Code.

2. Truth Focus Statements. If you're using a Truth Focus Statement (sample Truth Focus Statements of mine can be downloaded from this site), you can time how many you say in 30 seconds or so. (Does not have to be exact with this or the breaths.) Again, you can time this ahead of time.

3. Use a timer. The one below you can download to your computer, mp3 device, or bookmark my site so that you can use the timer.

Left click to play, right click to download timer.

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