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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"How Many Memories Should I Focus on When Doing a Healing Code?"

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Q: "When doing a Healing Code, is it best to focus on just one memory, or all of the ones I can think of?"

A: Good question. Here's what I suggest.

Get yourself some kind of notebook or note pad for your Healing Code work.

Take a little time to focus on your issue, for instance, a physical issue. Ask yourself, "How do I feel about having this issue?" That's what you will focus on: the feeling about having that issue.

Next, see if you can rate that feeling on a scale of 1-10. Some people can't rate how they feel, but if you can, it's helpful for a number of reasons. It will help you get more in touch with the feeling itself. And, after you do the Healing Code, it iwll encourage you to keep going when you see that the memory's strength went down.

After you rate the memory, ask yourself, "Where do I feel that in my body?" Again, this is an optional step. Some people are not in touch with their bodies. But even asking this question will help you get more in touch with your body.

If you can identify a sensation, ask yourself when in your life you have ever felt either this sensation, or this feeling. That's when you can start jotting down what comes to you. These are the memories you want to heal.

Now you have your list of memories. If you can, rate each memory (1-10) in terms of how much it still bothers you or how much it bothered you when it happened. (Sometimes memories seem so far away, or our adult conscious minds deem them minor, when really that "stuck stress" of negativity is still resident in your cells.)

When you sit down to do your Healing Code, scan your list of memories. Pick one that is either the earliest or the strongest. When you say your Healing Code Prayer of Intention, when you insert your issue ("... related to [the feeling] from [the memory ..."), look down on your list and say, "... from these memories, especially" and name that one earliest or strongest memory. Keep focusing on that one until you sense a peace about it.

Then, when you sit down to do your Healing Codes again, scan your list again. Notice if other memories that you haven't worked on went down from your initial rating. Pick the memory that is still rated the highest, and work on that in the same way.

If you have lots of memories of a certain kind (e.g. "mom's critical comments"), you can heal them all together in what I call a "collage memory." The memory you are healing is the collage of all the memories of "mom criticizing me" and you rate and heal it as one memory.

This method will get at all your memories without overwhelming you.

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