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How Finding Early Memories Speeds Healing with The Healing Codes

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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When you have a "heart issue" or even a health issue to heal, it helps tremendously to identify how you feel about the issues, and to target that for healing rather than the symptom itself.

This is because, according to Dr. Alex Loyd, author of The Healing Code, the real source of the issue is the negative belief or image in the spiritual heart. And that's tied to a feeling. You access the source of the issue through the feeling. When you can identify and rate the feeling, and especially if you can tie it to earlier memories when you felt that way, you speed your healing.

You know how when detectives are trying to find a missing child, they give specially trained dogs a piece of the child's clothing to sniff? Once the dogs get the scent of the child, they are able to quickly find the child, if the child is to be found.

When you identify a feeling and memory connected to your issues, you "give your heart the scent" so it can find and heal the source of your issue quicker.

Don't fret, though, if you can't identify a feeling or memory. Some of us are so out of touch with our hearts that finding earlier memories or accessing feelings is difficult. Healing will still happen, and as it does, you will become more open and adept at this process. (A Healing Codes Practitioner can also help you find these memories.) Just keep at it. Finding and healing heart issues is a learned skill.

One of the unexpected gifts of The Healing Codes for me, my mom, and so many of my clients is that we connect again with our memories. When I began, I had few conscious memories of my childhood, My mother experienced the same thing.

After a while, however, memories came back. Often they came fully healed--no emotional charge! God is giving us back the pieces of our lives that were lost. What a joy!