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How Dr. Ben Johnson Overcame ALS

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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Many people wonder how on earth Dr. Ben Johnson could have been healed of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), an illness that is progressive and incurable, with an average life expectancy of 3-5 years after diagnosis.

Dr. Johnson was diagnosed by two other medical doctors (he himself was a doctor with three medical degrees) in 2004. When he was diagnosed, he knew the odds. He heard about Dr. Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes and lost no time contactng Dr. Loyd.

Dr. Ben worked with Alex Loyd not on the ALS symptoms (there is no Healing Code for ALS or any other disease), but on the specific "heart issues" in his life.

Within 3-4 months of using The Healing Codes, Dr. Ben's symptoms disappeared and never come back.

Here's what Dr. Ben did to heal ALS with custom Healing Codes as he worked with Dr. Alex Loyd:

1. He knew that the real problem in ALS was stress. That meant reducing stress was the key to healing.

2. He did The Healing Codes daily, without fail, for between 30 minutes and 3 hours total time.

3. He got custom Healing Codes once or twice per week for his personal issues. (Note that even if he had kept track of them, they would be irrelevant to anyone else. Custom Healing Codes target a person's specific heart issues, which will of course vary from person to person.)

4. Dr.Ben had a very strong belief in God and that provided a foundation of positive expectancy and comfort. Those feelings help reduce stress.

5. He had a strong sense of purpose in life. His family was large. The children ranged from college-age, to high school to a very young daughter when he was first diagnosed. Dr. Ben's desire to see his children graduate from college, graduate from high school, grow, have careers, marry and have children gave him astrong sense of purpose and strong connections with family that no doubt promoted healing.

With all these things aligned--from his connection to God, to wanting to love and support his family, to knowing stress was the problem--Dr. Ben Johnson had the discipline to do what he needed to do.

If you do all of the above, you will be doing what Dr. Ben did. 

I suggest you take the Heart Issues Finder and work your way through the 12 Categories, starting with those categories in which you scored lowest, but making sure you work on all of them. You may use a Custom Healing Code, the specific Codes in the 12 Categories from the Healing Codes Manual, or the universal Code from the The Healing Code book.

Dealing with ALL the heart issues is the best way to heal comprehensively. That is what Dr. Ben Johnson did.

And if you would like more help in identifying the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal now, feel free to get some personal coaching here.