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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"How Will I know If I'm Healing?"

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 Q:  H ow will I know if I'm starting to heal? Are there any signs to look out for? I've been feeling good these past few days . . . but today it looks like the fear came back. 

Also I'm having trouble picturing a positive image when doing the codes. Do you have any suggestions?

A: It's not at all unusual for you to heal in an uneven manner. In fact, that's typical. The fact that you do feel better is an indication you ARE healing. As you heal the memories you are focusing on, you will feel some relief from whatever that memory was causing.

However, then often other memories will come up, ready to be healed. As those other fear memories are triggered, you again feel the fear. As I recall from our session, at first you couldn't think of any fear memories aside from the one that was recent and front and center. Then, suddenly, you started to remember several more.

It's as if your heart is at first reluctant to let those memories surface. But as you begin healing and, in a way, your heart "trusts" the healing process, it eagerly begins to bring more things to the surface to heal.

This sometimes means a bumpy healing ride, but the "feeling better" you mention will only increase.

The key is to keep at it. Be patient with the process, let healing happen as it does, and keep on doing your Healing Codes. With this kind of healing, "patient and persistent" gets you there the fastest way.

As far as a postive picture, don't sweat that for now. I suggest you download my Truth Focus Statements and pick whichever ones resonate with you at any particular time. You can focus on one at a time, or choose more than one to rotate through as you do your Healing Code.

At first I wasn't much of a "picture" person either. Now I'm always getting images! It's one of the things that happens as you heal--your "image maker" comes to life. 

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