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Review of The Healing Coded II

The Healing Codes II Package:

Ramp Up Your Healing for Faster, Deeper Results

The Healing Codes II package was developed by Dr. Alex Loyd to incorporate his new research and insights into brain psychology and the vagus nerve.

As I have been testing it on myself and clients who attended the live seminar in which Dr. Loyd introduced the new techniques, I have to say:

The Healing Codes II GREATLY enhances the effects of The Healing Codes!

There seems to be a synergistic effect between the Healing Codes I and Healing Codes II, so that together they do more than either would do alone. 

I have had issues resolve in one session, where it might have normally taken several days. In every case, I can say with each session I have experienced shifts, so that by the next time I would sit down to work on the same issue, I was working on another aspect of that issue. 

Once when the issue was a physical pain, I used the Healing Codes II technique for physical pain, and the pain has resolved. 

One day, something happened in a relationship that caused me a great deal of emotional pain. I felt devastated in a way that I haven't felt for a long time. 

Of course I addressed it with a Healing Code, and also the Healing Code II for non-physical pain. Within a day, not only was the emotional pain gone, but the outward cause of the pain (the relationship) completely turned around! 

My clients are reporting similar results with The Healing Codes II. 

I truly believe this will greatly enhance your healing as you use both the original Healing Code(s) with the new Healing Codes II. 

For more about The Healing Codes II go to . 

And yes, I do incorporate Healing Codes II in my coaching for those who have the package. So if you order custom Healing Codes from me, please let me know if you already have the Healing Codes II and I will incorporate that into our sessions. I will also give you specific suggestions for making it quite simple to incorporate the two, and add an extra bonus that amplifies the benefits even further. 

The Healing Codes II are right for you if: 

  • You want/need faster, deeper healing of your issue.
  • You want the fullest power of The Healing Codes. Dr. Alex Loyd says that The Healing Codes II is even more powerful than Healing Codes I, and together they are most powerful because of the synergistic effect. I have found this to be true.  

Order The Healing Codes II package