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How Do You Heal a Physical Issue with The Healing Codes?

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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You probably heard me or Dr. Alex Loyd say that The Healing Codes do not directly address any physical issues. 

Yet, you hear the stories, including from me, about how The Healing Codes have healed physical issues (such as the hole in my heart). 

So if you have a physical issue, can you address it with The Healing Codes or not? If so, how? 

The answer is: The Healing Codes address only the underlying heart issues. But when that happens—when those things heal that were the true cause and source of the physical issues, the body will heal the physical issue. 

So how do you know what is the underlying heart issue for your physical issue? 

Three ways. 

1. Take the Heart Issues Finder or Relationship Issues Finder assessment. 

When you take either of these assessments, keep in mind how you feel about your physical issue. You will get a free printout of your issues in each of the categories. Start with your lowest score and address memories/feelings/beliefs attached to your lowest-scoring category, and keep working on your lowest-scoring categories until you find healing. 

2. Explore any metaphors connected to your physical issue. 

For instance, if you have tinnitus, ask yourself: Was there ever a time when I didn’t want to hear something? One client remembered how she was always surrounded by noise when she was growing up. She is a Highly Sensitive person with a more finely tuned nervous system than most, and that constant irritation really caused a lot of stress. Now, whenever she was in noisy situations, that stress would be triggered. When she healed those memories, the physiological stress lessened and her physical issue healed. 

Another client had seemingly unrelated physical issues, but once we dug a little deeper, we realized they were all connected by a fear that “something can explode at any time”—including his wife’s temper! We found 3 early memories of being terrified of bombs: hiding under his desk for bomb drills in the late 50s (anyone remember that?), running home from school with his little brother during the Cuban missile crisis, and one other memory. When he healed these with The Healing Codes, his physical issues also resolved! 

You can also use dreams to unlock the metaphors. Try this: before you go to sleep, ask your Heart to reveal through a dream what is behind your physical issue. I did this recently and it was so interesting—I kept getting dreams with certain themes, which I then used to heal the underlying sources of stress causing my issue. 

3. Use the 9 Core Healing System Categories as a reference. 

One of the most fascinating things to me about The Healing Codes is the association of the different Healing Codes Categories (love, joy, peace, patience, etc.) with different body systems.  

This is one of the things that was revealed to Dr. Alex Loyd on that fateful plane trip when he says this system was downloaded into his brain. 

They are described in Chapter 11 in The Healing Code and also in the Problem Reference Guide of The Healing Codes Manual and The Relationship Codes Manual. 

So if you’re having a problem with, say, your thyroid, that would be the endocrine system. You can ask yourself, Do I have any issues with love in my life? Do I love myself enough? If there a rift in any of my important relationships—including with God? Address your Love issue with Healing Codes. 

This was true for me. I am routinely tested for thyroid function ever since I had a partial thyroidectomy years ago and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. When I was tested one time and the thyroid was off, I asked myself the question above. Sure enough, I realized there were several ways I wasn’t loving myself enough. I came up also with several wrong (unconscious until I asked my heart to reveal them) beliefs about love. I went to work to address those wrong beliefs, harmful actions and the memories attached to them with The Healing Codes, and things normalized.  

Another example: Whenever I’m not having enough fun/pleasure in my life, my skin starts to crack around the knuckles. The integumentary (skin) system is the Joy category. When I notice this physical symptom, it’s a sign I need more fun/pleasure/joy in my life. But I have also learned that I am the one who must define what’s fun for me. I used to beat myself up because I didn’t find “fun” certain things everyone else seemed to think was fun, such as big parties. In fact, that was one of the issues I had to address with The Healing Codes—that my ideas of what’s fun are not what “most other people” consider fun.  

So yes, you may address physical issues with The Healing Codes—by always identifying how you feel about the physical issue, and tracing it back to any memories with that same feeling or belief in it. 

I hope these suggestions give you some clues as to how to address the underlying heart issues that are blocking your physical healing, so you can find relief. 

And if you would like help in identifying what those underlying “heart issues” are, feel free to order a custom Healing Code and/or get some further coaching.