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Follow My Own Personal Healing Journey with The Healing Codes

To give you an "up close and personal" understanding of how The Healing Codes work, I decided to begin a journal of sorts, and report some of what I'm working on and how the healing is going.

I got this idea in early 2011 when I had a rather dramatic healing that shows the power of custom codes for a specific issue.

Here is a snippet from my journal in 2011 concerning some of the issues I worked on, and the results, plus my own thoughts and observations.

I want you to see both the dramatic and the quiet healing that can be experienced from The Healing Codes.

February 24, 2011

A visit to my dentist for a routine cleaning took an unexpected turn.

"You have a 3mm size gouge near your upper molar, on the roof of your mouth," my dentist observed. "What happened?"

"I don't know," I said. "It doesn't hurt, and I had no idea there's a problem."

"I'll take another look in 10 days, when you come back for your bonding work," Dr. Mazzei said.

March 8, 2011

Dr. Mazzei looks at my mouth. She put a light in my mouth that is supposed to show if the tissue is cancerous. (Side note: How does this do this? Energy. Frequency. The same science The Healing Codes work on. Einstein: "everything is energy.")

"No change," she says. "It doesn't look like cancer; the tissue doesn't show up black. But it's not normal, either. It's inflamed. Come back in two weeks. I'll ask my oral surgeon colleague about it."

March 22, 2011

Another visit to Dr. Mazzei. "No change," she reported. "It's still inflamed. The good news is it hasn't gotten worse. But it should have healed by now. I will need to have you see the oral surgeon. He will probably have to do a biopsy." Clearly, she hadn't seen anything like this before.

For some reason, prior to this I wasn't worried enough even to get a custom code for it. I was just using the "Peace" codes in the Healing Codes Manual (mouth and digestive issues relate to the Peace category). On Tuesday, however, I got down to business and got myself a custom code specifically for this issue. I found some memories when I felt a similar sense of being out of control and that something bad might happen. I included those in the prayer of intention and did my new custom Healing Code for this mouth issue.

I also asked some people to pray for me, and on Thursday night, participated in a group Healing Code coaching session.

March 25, 2011

During breakfast, somehow I chipped off part of another molar, so I called the dentist and went in for a second time in one week.

When Dr. Mazzei checked my mouth, she said in surprise, "It's just about healed!" She added, "It's 99.99 percent healed. You know I wouldn't just say that."

Only three days on the custom code, and my mouth is healed--after a month of "no change and looking abnormal."

"Well, I got a custom Healing Code for it in Tuesday, and here we are," I said with a shrug.

"Keep doing what you're doing!" she said. Her assistant asked about The Healing Code.

I'm thankful for this healing, which I believe came about through prayer and The Healing Code. (To me, they work together beautifully.)

But there's more. There's evidence of a deeper healing here.

You see, when the dentist was drilling my tooth to repair the broken part, the drill slipped and cut my mouth, under my tongue.

She couldn't repair the tooth and my mouth became very, very sore from a haematoma I developed under my tongue. I got myself a custom Healing Code for the pain and swelling. The dentist called me back late that night and said she would prescribe an antibiotic. I did my Code three times this day.

March 26, 2011

Did a custom code a twice for the pain of the haematoma. The swelling went down (even before I took the antibiotic) and the pain became minimal.

I was focusing on more than the pain, however. One of the "heart issues" I've worked on a lot is fear of making a mistake.

What I really feared was the suffering that might be the result of a mistake, my own or someone else's.

Well, the dentist made a mistake. And I was in physical pain because of it.

But you know what? It stopped there. I knew this wound will heal. I was at peace about the situation. Not angry at the dentist (everyone makes mistakes, and this is the first time I've ever felt pain at her hand in the couple of decades I've gone to her). This incident was not "activating" those old fears because the old fears were healed.

I was able to just deal with the incident itself, without tapping into old, unhealed memories.

And that's the way The Healing Codes work: they heal the heart issues so you can deal with just the present situation.

They heal the underlying source issues, so that the body can heal itself.

April 1, 2011 

My 15-year-old daughter came to me with pinkeye. I developed a custom Healing Code for her issue. We decided to take some pictures, so we could document her healing.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, with antibiotic eye drops pinkeye should go away "within several days." If it's a viral infection, it might take up to two or three weeks.

Here's what her eye looked like before I did Healing Codes for her (and she started using the drops):

pinkeye before doing Healing Codes

After one Healing Code, here's what it looked like (first is in the evening, second is the next morning):

pinkeye after one Healing Code 

April 2, 2011

Less than 24 hours later, after doing 3 custom Healing Codes total:

pinkeye less than 24 hours later, 3 Healing Codes

April 3, 2011

Less than 48 hours later, there was no redness or swelling or "goop" left in either eye. Being a teenager, my daughter would not say much (and she was done with pictures), but I could tell she was impressed. (When my son had pinkeye, it took several days to resolve, and that was with eye drops. It also recurred with him.)

If you've wondered if you can do Healing Codes for someone else, or whether custom Healing Codes are effective, maybe this will help you believe that indeed, it can work. It works whether you believe in it or not, or whether the person you're doing it for believes it or not. (My daughter thinks I'm a bit nuts with this Healing Codes stuff, but when in distress, as in this case, she will ask me to do Codes for her. This is the second time she's seen pinkeye resolve within 24 hours.)

April 11, 2011

Christine's pinkeye is back. I was doing custom code for her in general, and figured that and the eye drops would work fine, so I did not do a specific Code for the pinkeye. (I was very busy with clients and taxes this week.)

April 15, 2011

The pinkeye is only a little better. "Mom, do a Code just for this! I'm sick of this pinkeye."

"Have you been using the drops?" I asked.


I began doing a custom code for her pinkeye again, three times a day. Within 24 hours, all signs of the pinkeye are gone. (So are the eye drops.)

The week was an unintended "control" because I was not doing Codes for her eye, we were just relying on the eye drops. They didn't clear it up until I started doing the custom code for the underlying issue contributing to the pinkeye (which, in this case, was anger. Not just about her eye, but about tearing the ACL ligament in her knee in December. This very week, she also saw the doctor treating her knee. He was very pleased at her recovery.)

April 18, 2011

I saw my doctor today to discuss my recent labs. Back in December, during my yearly checkup, the doctor found that hormones and thyroid were out of balance. (That would be the Love category. Did I have any Love issues then? Yes indeed. I've been working on them since.)

(Side note: Last December was the first time I had seen a doctor all year. I do go in for yearly physicals.)

Hormone levels are now all in the normal range. Cholesterol is high, but that's because the "good" cholesterol score is so high. The doctor is very pleased. She switches me to a natural thyroid hormone. (I need thyroid replacement because of a partial thyroidectomy a couple of decades ago.) "I have a very simple mind," Dr. Collins says. "I look at what God does and try to duplicate it." This natural thyroid (Naturethroid) comes from pig's thyroid, which is identical to our own and stimulates all the thyroid hormones, unlike synthetic thyroid. I'm all for that!

This is the doctor who bought The Healing Codes after she witnessed the PFO closing up. She always calls me "the miracle girl." I love her because she listens, and incorporates the best, most scientific information wherever she finds it.

(By the way, she also told me, "Big Pharma is killing our citizens, restricting what's good for them and pushing what is not." This in reference to my complaint that the insurance company won't cover medications from my compounding pharmacy, where I get bioidentical hormones and such. I could tell she could have said a lot more.)

I'm very pleased at this report. Like my dentist, the doctor said, "Keep doing what you're doing."

April 28, 2011

Starting to work on some shoulder pain in both shoulders, but mostly the left. A doctor suspects it's tendonitis, says to take Aleve for 10 days.

I've decided to not take Aleve yet, just do Healing Codes. I'm not against seeing doctors, but after 4 years of doing Healing Codes I've learned that if I wait and do the Codes, the issue resolves eventually. I've had a breast lump disappear by the time I had a mammogram, ovarian cysts resolve, allergies go away, neck pain go away from Healing Codes rather than physical therapy. I'm not advising anyone NOT to see a doctor, only telling you what I've decided to do for myself.

Shoulder pain is likely a sign that something in the self-control category is out of whack. In fact, I do need more balance in my life. (Reading and discussing with friends an excellent book,  In Search of Balance by Dr. Richard Swenson, convinced me of that.) So I am doing custom codes on achieving more balance in my life. As I do, I suspect I will see my shoulder pain resolve.

Stay tuned.... 

 July 31, 2011

Been working on this life balance issue in the self-control category, and the shoulder pain is now gone. Better mobility in my neck, too.

This morning when I woke, two things bothered me: My back hurt, and my eyes were burning. The latter bothered me a lot. My eyes were tearing up and stinging a lot.

I had obviously not been exposed to anything in my sleep, such as smoke or lotions that could irritate my eyes, so I felt concerned. I looked online for cases of burning eyes. Nothing fit my situation.

So I thought, What category of The Healing Codes do eye issues fall under? The Kindness category. (See either chapter 11 of The Healing Code or the Problem Reference Guide in The Healing Codes Manual.) Do I have a kindness issue?

In fact, I had been working on a kindness issue! I have found that it's not at all unusual, when I'm working on some issue, to have physical symptoms manifest for a short time. I have learned to give the symptoms some time to resolve while I work on the underlying issues with The Healing Codes.

So I did a Healing Code on my kindness issue. When I was done, my eyes no longer burned.

I did another Code for self-control. My back pain went away.

Learn to look at your physical issues as clues to what "heart issues" need to be healed. The typical Western medicine response is to find a way to get rid of the symptoms, without ever addressing the source. Let's heal the source, by healing the issues. Symptoms are the "warning lights on the dashboard" signalling there's something amiss. Fix the real problem, and the symptoms go away.