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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped?"

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Q:  My daughter suffers from bulimia, we have tried to help her through different approaches. Problem is that this particular mental virus has its own anti anti virus built in and she will not get to the point of actually wanting to be rid of the problem - but it is ruining her life. I have tried The Healing Code for her but that hasn't produced results but she's being so "nasty" it's difficult now to release the healing "in love." Any ideas as to how best approach this problem?

A:  Your issue with your daughter is difficult, no doubt.

Take heart, though. She may be healing in ways you can't discern yet. In fact, her very nastiness may be itself a healing response. She may be reacting to the Healing Codes you've been doing. All I can say is keep it up.

As to the difficulty of doing it "in love," it might be a good idea to either include your own feelings about her condition in your prayer of intention before doing a Code, or just focus on yourself for now, then release the effects of the Code to her as well. I have clients who are healing their whole family by concentrating on themselves, then releasing the Code to family members with the words, "I release the full effects of this Code to [family member(s), in love, insofar as this issue affects them." And "this issue" here means your issue.

If you can't honestly do a Code for her in love now, because of your own anger, hurt, or whatever, focus on yourself first. It's good in general to be healing yourself anyway.

I suggest you go through all 12 categories from The Healing Code book (chapter 11) or the Healing Codes Manual as they relate to her issue. So: 'any unforgiveness issues contributing to her bulimia" would be the first day, down to "any self-control issue contributing to her bulimia" on the 12th day.

Another suggestion: include the phrase "and generational memories"  in the prayer of intent (as in, "I pray that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and destructive cellular and generational memories ..."). There may well be generational memories involved.

Keep in mind, we can also get a custom code for her, or even the whole family concerning this issue. Click here for information.

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