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FAQ about The Healing Codes

Healing Code Book vs. Healing Codes Manual?

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Q: "I am wondering about the difference between the The Healing Code book and the Manual? And between The Healing Code book and The Healing Codes system."

A:  The book, which is called The Healing Code, explains the theory behind this new healing mode--the how and why it works the way it does. It goes into great detail about the dynamics of "heart issues" and how they cause stress--the kind of stress that causes almost all our physical, emotional, relational, and success issues. That is Part One. 

Part Two gives the Universal Healing Code that works on just about any issue, tells how to use it in detail, and also gives the Instant Impact technique for healing circumstantial stress (as in when you're stuck in traffic, late for meetings, have an argument with someone, etc.). You can download an excerpt and/or get the book at www.thehealingcodeinfo.com.

If you order from there, you get some extra helps from me personally, in addition to the bonuses you'll get from The Healing Codes organization when you register the book. For instance, I give you some instructions on using The Healing Code so you can get started even before your book arrives--including a video demonstration of how to do it.

I also have a special price for the book and a custom healing code along with it. See the "special book package" on the order page.

The Healing Codes package includes the Healing Codes Manual and is a complete program that gives two Healing Codes for each of the Twelve Categories (which are outlined in the book and in the Manual that comes with The Healing Codes package). These Codes cover just about any physical or emotional issue that you can think of. In the Manual, there is a Problem Reference Guide where you can look up an issue and find the exact Codes to use to heal the pictures in the heart that are associated with that issue. (Remember, The Healing Codes ONLY heal issues of the heart--which, as the book explains, are the true source of every other issue.)

The physical package, with the DVDs and CDs, Manual and pocket guide with all 24 Codes, gives you the fullest package. You also get with with eight custom coding sessions with a Healing Codes practitioner (coach). These prove invaluable for getting to the heart of your issues quickly. More details are at http://www.healingcodesmanual.com.

NOTE: If you order this and want custom coding sessions with a particular coach, you may be able to indicate that on your order. You may also indicate where you heard about it. I'd be much obliged if you mentioned my name. (Keep in mind that those sessions are meant to be very brief. Sessions you order directly from me will include the "hidden memory finder" and other helps, because I'm able to spend more time with you.)

There is a more streamlined Healing Codes package with less support, and finally, a digital version you can access online.

The digital version is the least expensive and gives the least support. It gives you the Manual and an online video to get you going. Because it's not a physical product, and you don't get any added support, it's the least expensive. You can find out more about that at www.healingcodesmanual.com.

Which "package" you choose will depend on your need and your budget. Getting the digiital Manual and then coaching sessions directly with me (I offer packages of 1, 3, or 5 session) is probably the most cost-effective way to get both custom codes and the Healing Codes Manual.

I do highly recommend the Manual, one way or another, because it includes everything you'll need to heal and keep healed the issues of your heart, and any resulting health, relationship or success issues, for the rest of your life. You can also use it to help others heal. (I do the Codes for other people and see amazing results.)

However, you don't have to have The Healing Codes Manual or even the book to work with me, though it does help if you've at least read the book or have gone through my free email course, "Getting Started with The Healing Codes."  I would help you understand how to do a Healing Code if you ordered sessions with me. In fact, I offer a Coach-Guided Code in which we would actually do your custom Healing Code together (over phone or Skype), so you would learn by doing it with me.

If you have a question about healing or The Healing Codes, feel free to send an email to:



Please note: Customer service questions dealing with The Healing Codes products are not addressed here. My company is totally separate from The Healing Codes or Dr. Alex Loyd. You would need to go to their website to get those answered.