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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"I Just Want to Address a Physical Issue ..."

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Q: "I just want to heal a physical issue. Can I address only the physical in the code and be okay?"

A: I and other Healing Codes coaches believe the source of every issue iis always a spirituall (i.e., non-physical) issue. In fact, one of the things that hinders healing is to focus just on the physical without addressing the spiritual.

(This is why we believe that every other system is simply dealing with symptoms--and why, in the end, other approaches usually don't work. The cancer or the acid reflux or the back pain comes back. Until you deal with the underlying causes, full healing does not take place.)

To get at the spiritual issue behind a physical symptom, identify the most prominent feeling you have about the physical issue. Let's say it's poor eyesight. How does that make you feel? Frustrated? What thoughts and beliefs do you have about having this condition?

Then ask yourself, "When is another time in my life that I felt or thought similar kinds of things--about anything?" Doesn't have to be about eyesight. Maybe you felt frustrated in a similar way when your older brother wouldn't let you play with him. Now, how strong is the feeling in that memory? That's the memory you want to concentrate on healing with a Healing Code. When that's down to a 0, you ask yourself when else you had similar kinds of thoughts/feelings/beliefs as your current situation.

And so you work down your lists, healing any issues you have that are similar to what is bothering you now. Your heart will find the ones you can't remember, so don't worry about that. Just work on whatever comes to mind when you pause briefly to ask yourself the questions mentioned here. The beauty of The Healing Codes is you don't have to delve. It does seem to speed up the healing process immensely, though, when you do take a moment to identify earlier memories. Just give yourself a little time and work with whatever comes up quickly.

Your physical issue will heal when the underlying issues are healed. If you've found all the memories related to all the ways you feel about your physical issue and it still doesn't heal, it's best to contact me or someone else for Healing Codes coaching. A Coach can help you identify what may be blocking your healing, whether it's a hidden memory or some of the other things that can block healing.

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Please note: Customer service questions dealing with The Healing Codes products are not addressed here. My company is totally separate from The Healing Codes or Dr. Alex Loyd. You would need to go to their website to get those answered.