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Now Available!

HALO Coaching with Diane Eble,  

Certified HALO Wellness Coach-Practitioner   

What is HALO? 


HALO stands for Harmonic Amplified Light Output, and is the name of the HALO Light System invented by master chemist, Michael Thomas. (Click here for more on Michael Thomas and his amazing story of how God brought wonderful good out of a terrible tragedy.)

HALO is based on biophotonic science, which is the science of generating and harnessing light (photons) to image, detect and manipulate biological materials. Biophotonic is an emerging area of scientific research that uses light and other forms of radiant energy to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms. 

The HALO Light System is light therapy using a specific frequency of the violet spectrum to carry and deliver the harmonic energies of the carefully selected botanicals contained within the HALO Systems vials.  

The light passes through vials that contain botanical extracts and picks up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals and transmits the photon and botanical energies into the body. The light is the delivery system that brings the botanical energies and essences to the body, and the body responds as if the botanicals were actually present

The harmonic energies of these botanicals increase cellular communication. The body knows what to do with these energies and how to best distribute and heal the body.  Light and botanicals do not heal or cure.  Rather the body itself is the miracle as it utilizes supplied energies from every source it can to aid in its own healing process.

Biophotonc Light Therapy Explained

Here is a short video of Michael Thomas explaining biophotonic light and what it does in the body. 


With photon light therapy, you get 100% of the benefits of dozens of botanicals from around the world with proven therapeutic properties. Nothing is lost through digestion, as is the case with supplements. All the positive benefits of photon or light therapy combine with the power of active botanicals to produce excellent results.

Plants + Light + Water = Healthy Microbiome

One of the main functions of the HALO therapy is to foster a healthy microbiome in the body. This is done not only through shining the light directly into the body (under the tongue, into the ear or nose) or onto the body. You receive the botanical goodness also by structuring water and then introducing the botanical harmonies into the water. Drinking the water then fosters a healthy microbiome in the body.

For more about the benefits of structured water, go here. Keep in mind that this just refers to structured water. With HALO you get these benefits, plus the benefits of the botanicals which are fully absorbed by the body from the structured water. For more about the specific benefits of HALO structured water, watch this video.

Results of Using HALO

Below is a very interesting video of an independent party testing the HALO with a Heart Rate Variability machine, which tests the response of the autonomic nervous system.

The Heart Rate Variability test is the "gold standard" for testing stress in the autonomic nervous system. It's the same test Dr. Alex Loyd used to validate The Healing Codes, and is also used to test vagal tone. Increased vagal tone is correlated with better overall health, and scientists are experimenting with stimulating the vagus nerve to improve conditions from drug addiction to rheumatoid arthritis.

In this test Dr. Michael Kessler and his team measured the physiological response of the test subject before and after HALO treatment.  (length: 17:38)



What many HALO users report:

  • Pain reduction or elimination within seconds in most cases. 
  • A feeling of relief, stress reduction, calming sensation immediately post treatment lasting 6 to 12 hours and often longer. 
  • A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality lasting for days. 
  • Immune system regulation. 

The amazing thing about the HALO Systems is the increase in overall perceived "wellness" and added vitality, not just the reduction or elimination of pain. (I can personally attest to this!) 


Sign up here for:

  • information on the latest Halo Chemistry System vials: what's in them and what they will do for you.
  • my own personal reports of results my husband and I have experienced. 
  • access to an interview with Robert Quintanilla from HALO. 
  • a way to ask your questions about Halo. 
  • videos of a friend's old dog and what HALO did for his arthritis. 
  • plus ongoing information from my research on the HALO, energy healing, and plant-based solutions. 



   Want to know more about the HALO Light System, the inventor, and the latest kits? Go here.


   My HALO Bonuses

When you order a HALO Light System at  www.plantsandlight.com, you will get the following from me:

  • a free Healing Codes coaching session in which I will get you a custom Healing Code for whatever “heart issue” is bothering you most ($85 value). 
  • a free HALO Coaching session in which I will advise you on which HALO vials would address the body systems that most need strengthening for you, via my bio-energetic testing. ($85 value)
  • Finally, you will receive HALO tips from me as I study it more, talk to the company principals, and gain experiences from other users. 

I offer both a Healing Codes and a HALO coaching session because I want you to get the most out of your HALO Light System by clearing any “heart issues” that could keep you from actually receiving all the goodness the HALO brings into your body.

You see,  “heart matters” such as an unforgiving or resentful attitude, fear, unhealthy beliefs, negative images and memories can all block your cells from taking in the goodness from the HALO botanicals.

Not that you have to heal ALL the heart issues, but a program of both clearing the blocks to receiving, and then taking in the life-giving energy of the HALO botanicals, is what is yielding downright miracles for some of my clients who have gotten the Halo and, like myself, have been doing Healing Codes regularly.

If you want to learn more about The Healing Codes, check out www.healingcodescoaching.com and sign up for the free "Getting Started with The Healing Codes" course. That will get you up to speed quickly!

I am all about, as I say in the header of my Healing Heart Issues website, “Healing AT the Source, from the Source.” The HALO itself doesn’t heal. Let me be clear about that. But it does allow your body to heal AT the source by equipping it with what it needs to heal itself, and FROM the Source–God-created botanicals, delivered through light (“God is light . . .”). 

Click now to find out more about the HALO Light System. 

    Why HALO Coaching? 

When you receive your HALO, you will get a User Manual and access to videos and written instructions. There are also occasional special calls that you will be informed about.

But sometimes you just want or need more specific, individualized guidance. That's where HALO Coaching comes in.   

As a Certified HALO Wellness Coach-Practitioner, I can help you determine: 

·        which vials are best for you and your goals   

·        how long to use each vial in a given session and   

·        how many times per day you need.   


We will do this through the proprietary bio-energetic testing that I use with my Healing Codes clients.   

I will also help you understand what each vial does so you will know, if something else starts to come up for you, which vial(s) to use.   

Last but not least, I will give you the encouragement you need to get the most out of this marvelous device.   

How long will a HALO Coaching session last? 

halo light kit image

That's going to be up to you and what we determine your needs are. My goals are to make sure you feel confident of how to use the HALO for your situation, to know exactly which vials are best for you to use now, and to understand enough about the HALO to continue to use it effectively for whatever comes up.

Please have your HALO kit ready for each session, and plan to take notes as we come up with your individualized plan.  

When is the best time to start HALO Coaching? 

The best time is whenever you feel you need it. Some people want help right away, some want to become familiar with their kit and use it for a few days or weeks.   

I do suggest you thoroughly go through all the information that is sent with your kit, start using it, write down your questions and attend at least 1-2 of the free QA coaching calls.   

How much does a HALO Coaching session cost?  

I have different packages available, starting at a single session, or you may order different packages. You do not need to use your session within any particular period of time.

Click here to view my coaching packages.

NOTE: When you order a HALO from me, you will get a free Healing Codes/HALO coaching session.

Also, many people enjoy sharing their HALO with family and friends, and would like to get coaching for them as well. You may order for other people, or use some of your own sessions for them. I will need a signed Consent/Disclaimer/Hold Harmless form from each person, so if you buy a session for someone, make sure they return the form to me at .

Once you become my client, you will also get ongoing tips and future bonuses via email to help you on your way.