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Special Event: Webinar on Grief with Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Lynnette Hetzler



I am aware that for many, 2020 was marked by much loss and grief.

I myself lost a mother and a beloved pet; I know others have suffered many more losses.

We have all lost a way of life--unexpectedly, suddenly, and with no clear end in sight, with the Covid-19 pandemic. There were many losses, tangible and intangible.  

We have all been thrown into a collective, shared grief. Only in this case, I don’t think the shared aspect provides comfort. Rather, it just amplifies it, especially for Highly Sensitives or empaths, who feel others’ pain as if it’s their own.

Gief Recovery Specialist and fellow griever, Lynnette Hetzler

As we seek a better 2021, I strongly believe it’s crucial to deal with grief. That’s why I invited Certified Grief Specialist Lynnette Hetzler to share with us her insights on grief and grief recovery.

I asked Lynnette to share both her story of grief recovery and The Healing Codes, and more about the specific steps to recovering from grief. The live interview took place on Wednesday, December 30, but you may access the replay by clicking the banner saying "I want to learn about grief and grief recovery."


On the call Lynnette and I covered:

  • myths about grief that can impede your recovery.

  • kinds of losses that need to be grieved.

  • ramifications, physical and emotional, of not dealing with grief.

  • are there “stages” of grief to work through? (The answer may surprise you.)

  • steps to grief recovery.

  • how grief recovery and The Healing Codes work together.

In addition, Lynnette answered questions.

I asked to interview Lynnette after I worked with her in anticipation of my mother’s passing, and I was very amazed to learn things about grief that I never understood before.For instance, unhealed grief is often at the source of blocks to healing. Also, there are many myths about grief that lead to unhelpful ways of dealing with it.