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FAQ about The Healing Codes

Dealing with Unwanted Feelings & Thoughts that Won't Go Away

Q:  I have recently had a lot of digestive issues, which has caused me very intense anxiety and often makes my health issues more inflamed. Ultimately, I am doing the healing codes for my anxiety and fear towards vomiting. I associate these feelings with other times as a child when I thought that God could make me throw up. I also associate the same sick feelings when I went on amusement park rides, when I felt a calling from God that I did not want to fulfill, and when I was stranded in the desert last year for many hours, not sure whether I would live. 

I include all these memories and feelings in the prayer, and then do the codes for about 7-8 minutes. I have done this three times so far (two yesterday, one today so far), but I am still having pretty constant anxiety and fear.
A lot of times when doing the codes, unwanted thoughts will come in such as "you can't guarantee this won't happen," or, "what if the healing process requires you to get more sick?" I try to push these out and focus on my truth statement, which is, "I can rest fully in the love and care of God. I can let life unfold as he wills," but, again, emotions and feelings of dread, fear, anxiety and being tense aren't really going away. I was wondering if you had any extra thoughts or tips that could help?
Thank you so much for all your help.
A: What you're going through is perfectly natural for someone starting out doing The Healing Code, and I love your Truth Focus Statement. The thing is, your heart doesn't seem to believe it yet.

You have some key memories. You might try starting with just those early childhood memories when you thought God might make you throw up. Rate them, do The Healing Code, then rerate it. Continue working on just that "collage memory" (i.e. all the times you felt that way as a child, rolled into one representative memory). Keep addressing this collage memory until it's a 0-1.
Then, move on to the amusement park memories--or, any of the other memories that might be even stronger. (It's recommended you start with the earliest or strongest memory first.)
A key will be not to push away those negative thoughts when they come in, but to sort of "give them the nod," welcoming them with the attitude of, "Thanks for showing up; you're being healed too." The more we resist, the stronger feelings or negative thoughts become. They show up in your HC work because they want to be healed. So welcome them, let yourself feel them.
Sometimes, because of the way we're brought up, we learn to fear certain feelings. Maybe as a child, the feelings did overwhelm us, and no one showed us what to do with them. So we continue all our life to push them down, but eventually, they rise up and insist on being heard--often through illness.
I like to think of feelings in two different ways. One is that they are like the weather: they will come and go. The storms will come, but the sunshine will also come. We can "weather" our feelings, knowing they won't last.
When we push down feelings, it's often because we fear them, like I said. But really, letting yourself feel your emotions is like blowing a soap bubble. It gets bigger and bigger, and then--pop! It's gone. We fear our feelings will engulf us, but once we allow ourselves to fully feel them, they dissipate, they pop like the soap bubble. This is the second way I like to think about feelings.
I wrote more on how to deal with emotions, here: https://healingheartissues.com/how-to-heal-and-process-an-emotion/. You might want to read this as well.
I hope this helps! Persevere. You are well on your way!

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