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FAQ about The Healing Codes

"Am I Doing The Healing Code Correctly?"

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Q: "I'm not sure if I am doing the healing code correctly. Do I hold my hands in each position saying the prayer? Or just hold the position?"

A: You say "the prayer" (which I call the Prayer of Intention, to distinguish it from a prayer that you might say while doing the Code) before you do the hand positions. You are telling your heart all the things you want it to find and heal.

While you're doing The Healing Code, you do not say that prayer again (which would be negative, since in the Prayer of Intention you are naming your issue, which of course is the negative thing you want to heal).

Instead, you want to focus on something that's very positive while you're doing the Code. It could be a Truth Focus Statement, a Love Picture, or a scene (real or imagined) in which you feel loved, safe, peaceful. 

A Truth Focus Statement is something positive that you already believe is true, even if you don't feel it's true yet. It's very important that you use something that is true for you. Ideally, it's something that counteracts the lie that is in your issue. (In almost every issue, there is a lie that you have come to believe. You want to identify that, and counter it with the truth.) 

For example, let's say you're dealing with rejection. The lie you might have come to believe is, "There is something wrong with me. When someone really gets to know me, they will reject me."

A good Truth Focus Statement is not, "Everyone loves me." Much as you might want that to be true, your heart knows there's at least one person who doesn't love you--the person who rejected you! You will set up more stress if you tell yourself such an "affirmation," which amounts to another lie.

What you can say is, "There are people in my life who know me well and love me anyway. I choose to be with those people." Then you are focusing on something positive and true.

I have a set of Truth Focus Statements based on Scripture (the best source of truth I know), which you are welcome to download for free. (See the signup to the left.)

The other thing you can focus on is what we call a Love Picture. This can be a memory (real or imagined) of a time when you felt loved, safe, secure. Some people have trouble coming up with such a picture, so you can always make it up or use any scene, remembered or imagined, where you felt peaceful and safe.

So, to recap, you say the Prayer of Intention before you start the hand positions, naming the issue you want healed (which you have already rated 1-10).

Then, while doing the positions you focus on the positive.

One of the things I love about The Healing Code is you don't have to dwell on the memory. Other forms of healing, such as therapy, are based on the idea that you have to go back and feel the feeling, relive the memory. 

According to Dr. Alex Loyd in The Healing Code, the heart tries hard to protect you from feeling the same thing you felt in those bad memories. Forcing yourself to relive it actually makes things worse. When you focus on the negative memory only long enough to identify it for healing, and then focus on the positive, healing is quicker and easier.

In addition to getting you a custom healing code for your issue, my coaching focuses on helping you come up with a good Love Picture or Truth Focus Statement. I also answer any questions you might have. So if you need a little help, coaching might be just the thing to speed your healing and give you confidence in using The Healing Codes on your own.

If you have a question about healing or The Healing Codes, feel free to send an email to:



Please note: Customer service questions dealing with The Healing Codes products are not addressed here. My company is totally separate from The Healing Codes or Dr. Alex Loyd. You would need to go to their website to get those answered.