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FAQ about The Healing Codes

Healing Codes by Proxy

Prefer Video? Click here for a Video Demonstration of How to Do a Healing Code for Someone Else.

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Q: Can you do Healing Codes for someone else? How does that work?

A: Yes, you can do Healing Codes for someone else.

In fact, we have found that they are even more effective if someone else does them, than if the person did the Codes for him or herself. That's because the love that motivates you to do Healing Codes for someone else amplifies the effectiveness. Love is the most powerful healing force in the world.

While you can do the Healing Code on the other person, pointing to the Healing Centers on their body, it's also possible and more convenient to do it on yourself, pointing to the Healing Centers on yourself. Put the person's name and issue in the prayer of intention. If you don't know the issue, you could say something like "related to whatever issue is robbing this person of peace" or "whatever issue is interfering with God's work in their life" or "whatever issue is blocking their highest good from being realized."

When you're actually doing the Code, you can focus on loving memories of the person, or imagine them getting well, or praying for their healing, or healing light flowing into them, etc.

When you finish the Code, simply say, "I release the full effects of this healing to [person's name], in love, insofar as this issue affects them."

How can healing by proxy work? Energy is not bound by time, it is governed by intention. I believe it works in a similar fashion to prayer. You know you don't have to be with a person to pray for them. You can pray for someone halfway across the world, and it is effective. Prayer is spiritual energy, and I believe it is the basis of all healing. We connect with God, the only Source of healing, on behalf of another.

Adding the physical mechanism of The Healing Code amplifies the energy aspect on a quantum physics level. Just as you may pray for someone and also give them, say, a backrub to ease tension, you can pray for them and add the Healing Codes to complement what you're doing spiiritually.

Does it work?

Yes. I can tell you from personal experience several instances of my doing Healing Codes for other people and their getting results. Just look at the pictures of how a little boy was healed of strabismus when his parents did my custom Healing Codes for him, or listen to this story of how Diane's grandson's inoperable brain tumor was healed by doing custom Healing Codes.

When my mother was in the hospital in Connecticut for many days because the doctors couldn't balance her sodium and potassium levels, I began doing custom Healing Codes for her. Within 3 days she was able to go home.

Three friends had tricky surgeries. I did the universal Healing Code for them (this was before I became a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner), and they all had fantastic results. Of course, they also had many people praying for them. As far as I know, my mother did not have anyone but my family praying for her.

I do Healing Codes for my children all the time, and see results in terms of their "heart issues." Once I did a Healing Code for my daughter for pinkeye. After 3 Codes, she sent me a picture of her eye from her cell phone. "It's completely gone!" she sent in a text.

Doing The Healing Code for others will benefit you as well. 

Here's what Laura, who had been doing The Heaing Code for others, reported about what happened to her own issues:

"I am so excited to report that my issue levels are continuing to drop to zero very quickly since I began doing the Codes for others. I have been finding the more people I include, the faster it goes. I have always experienced the Codes being the most efficient, simple, effective and satisfying healing tool to use (and I have used quite a few) but in one or two days time now each issue has fallen away to zero. That wasn't the case when I was only doing the Codes for myself. I am feeling so hopeful and peaceful. Something that I was not feeling for a very long time.

"All of the issues I have been working on are early childhood ones and they all have started at Level 10. In one or two days' time, they are at zero. Amazing! Thank you God and the entire Healing Codes Family.

"Something also that I want to share is that at first I was doing each person and their issue separately. Very quickly I realized that I could try to combine different people and their issues in the same session. That is what I am doing now. I have even included animals too. Since I have been doing Vinny's Codes for him, I, of course, am doing his session separately."

(The reference to Vinny is about the boy with the inoperable brain tumor I mentioned. You can read the full story on my blog.)

I know this whole idea of "energy medicine" is very new and strange when you are first exposed to it. It was for me. What "sold" me on it at first were the Heart Rate Variability tests Dr. Loyd had done. Then it was the results when I did it for myself and others. Now it's also my clients' testimonials. (The ones on this site are just a snippet. I literally haven't had the time to add all I could.)
My advice is to just try it. Nobody can be harmed. Whatever you do in love is bound to have a postive effect, even if it can't be measured.

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