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FAQ about The Healing Codes

 "I Can't Remember the Past"

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Q: "I have health problems but don't know what caused them. I can't remember anything in my past that may have brought them on. How do I do a Healing Code without having pictures to heal from the past? Can I just picture the health problem I have now?"

A: You don't always need to find earlier pictures, though it is helpful and seems to speed up the healing when you can find them. Your heart always finds and heals many earlier memories without your being aware of them.

Many clients cannot remember much from their childhood. That is usually a sign that there is quite a lot of "heart junk" underneath. Some people have what Dr. Bradley Nelson calls a "heart wall" that keeps them from being in touch with their hearts.

The Healing Codes can heal a heart wall, and in fact, I believe it's automatically a part of the process. What I and many clients find is that the memories do start to come after you've been doing the Healing Codes for a while.

Often the memories come only after they've healed. If you remember something and there is a perfect peace about it, that's your heart giving you a piece of your life back, all healed. It was one of the wonderful things I discovered about The Healing Codes that I did not expect.

There is a difference, however, between peace and numbness. If an earlier memory surfaces and you feel numb about it rather than peaceful, that's a signal it's a memory that wants to be healed. Put it in the prayer of intention before you do your Healing Code, even if you can't rate it. Work on it until you feel peace, not numbness.

By the way, a reminder: When doing a Healing Code, make sure you're picturing something positive, not your issue. You only get in touch with your issue enough to rate it and put it in the initial prayer of intention. Then you switch to focusing on the positive Truth Focus Statements or a Love Picture.

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