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review of Dr. Alexander Loyd's second book 

Beyond Willpower:

From Stress to Success in 40 Days

by Dr. Alexander Loyd

Beyond Willpower by Dr. Alexander Loyd

I was Dr. Alex Loyd's personal editor for his first book, The Healing Code. While The Healing Codes provided amazing healing to many areas of my life, it was the material in this book, Beyond Willpower, that led to my success.
As a former self-help junkie with a fascination for success, I had read lots of the books and tried lots of the approaches to success. Nothing ever worked (except for Noah St. John's The Secret Code of Success, which is a nice complement to Beyond Willpower). Beyond Willpower explains why the typical success strategies fail 97% of the time. Success certainly eluded me until I started using Dr. Alex Loyd's principles, which I was introduced to through his weekly "Spiritual Laws of Nature" calls, a live seminar, and his LT3 program. But in this book he expands on it all in a way I've not heard before.

I think it's bad taste to brag about one's success. Let me just say that in every area of life, I am fulfilled. In Beyond Willpower, one of the things Dr. Alex Loyd does is help you define true success and true success goals. Most of us have the wrong success goals and are therefore doomed to failure. I have found true success in every area of my life as I daily try to practice what he calls The Greatest Principle: "to do everything in love, out of an inward state reprogrammed with love, joy, peace, focusing on the present moment."

The HOWS of doing this are elaborated on in the book. Here is a detailed explanation of how the "spiritual heart" works, employing analogies we couldn't have used a few decades back: deprogramming and reprogramming, pulling up images on "the Heart Screen," "identifying your basic human hard-drive viruses." (I like that the author reminds us that computers are patterned after the way WE are wired, not vice versa.) Dr. Loyd explains how it all works and gives you Three Tools.

I was a little surprised that his Energy Medicine tools were completely different from The Healing Code, and that The Healing Code was never mentioned. Personally, I will continue to use The Healing Codes, Q Codes, and Master Key because I know these energy tools work, but I can see many ways these new tools can be used with my Healing Codes work with clients. For instance, the Reprogramming Statements and Heart Screen tools can easily be used while doing a Healing Code.

Also, if you already have The Success Codes package, the success blueprint here will look very familiar. You can use The Success Codes as the Energy Healing tool, but there is so much more in this book that will complement it. Using the other two tools from this book will really help you get the most out of The Success Codes.

Beyond Willpower is very practical. Dr. Loyd gives you ways to  diagnose the blocks that are holding you back, and the tools to remove them and allow you to live the Greatest Principle, almost effortlessly.

I just took the Success Issues Finder (one of the diagnostic tools, www.successissuesfinderinfo.com). While my scores weren't all in the +7 or above category (the ultimate benchmark), they were all in the positive range and the overall score was +4 (which is just under the third benchmark). At that level I'm pretty fulfilled, though it's nice to know there's room to grow.

I especially appreciated the Epilogue, in which Dr. Loyd talks about "Practical Spirituality." No matter where you're coming from spiritually, I think you'll find something to chew on here.

In fact, if I have any criticism at all, it might be that he talks about living in Grace, but doesn't give you the source of it. Maybe that's a good thing, though ... everyone has to find their own "transformational aha" themselves.

My "transformational aha" came when I understood that the Source of Grace is a Person who revealed the God of Love, a person of whom it was said was "full of grace and truth," and who is the true light that gives light to everyone (Gospel of John). Knowing that, these principles have been for me like a gardening tool kit that enabled me to get rid of the rocks and weeds so that the Seed, this Truth that is Grace, can take root and bear much fruit.

I hope and pray everyone who reads this book and works through it will experience their own "transformational aha" and be empowered to live a life of grace and love in relationship with the One who IS Truth.

Get Beyond Willpower on Amazon.com

 P.S. I can't resist adding this, from my perspective as an author and former publishing coach.

Whenever I come across a book that clearly puts forth decades of wisdom from an author, I want to stand up and applaud. I call these "real bookss," as opposed to those books (usually self-published) that are thinly disguised advertising pieces. I just downloaded one the other day (it was free) that was essentially a transcript of a video pitch. And she called it a book!

"Real books" used to be the norm. Skilled editors would weed out the kind of "books" that now flood the market. Now that anyone can publish, it takes more discernment to figure out what is wheat and what is chaff.

Beyond Willpower is the result of 25 years of Alex Loyd's researching, sifting, living, testing this material. It shows. There is so much here! For me it's a manual I will be absorbing and referring to for some time.

Dr. Loyd was kind enough to send me a review copy, but I still bought one for 2 reasons: 1) I want a copy to lend out, and need to keep mine on my desk for reference for myself and my work with clients (as I said, there's a lot here) and 2) I want to support "real books" with my wallet whenever I can.

Thank you, Dr. Loyd, and all your editors and publishing people, for continuing to see that "real books" are published.

Get Beyond Willpower on Amazon.com

P.P.S. About the Beyond Willpower Workbook ...

There is also a Workbook available, separately.

If you bought Beyond Willpower during the pre-launch process (before February 10, 2015), you were instructed to send proof of purchase to crownonline@randomhouse.com with a copy to cfoxley@penguinrandomhouse.com

Random House would then send you access to the free bonuses associated with the pre-launch purchase.

If you bought after midnight February 9, 2015 – then they did not buy in the pre-launch process and there is no FREE bonus.

To buy a workbook, go to www.dralexanderloyd.com/beyond-willpower and pay $10 to get the downloadable workbook.

There is no hard copy workbook – only a digital download.

Do I recommend the Workbook? Yes. It will bring everything together for you and help you APPLY the book's principles.