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Want some PROOF that Healing Codes work? 

Visual Proof Healing Codes Work

The following testimonial was sent in by my client, Heather, who came to me with concern about her son's eye problems. She details exactly what happened, what she did, and as you can see, she even provides photos so you can see for yourself why she is so delighted in what The Healing Codes have done for her son.

Another thing I love about Heather's story is that it shows that you can do Healing Codes for other people, and it clearly is effective.

On April 3rd 2014, we noticed that our 2 1/2 year-old son’s left eye was turning in slightly when he would look at us. I immediately started looking for a doctor that could help with this condition known as strabismus. I found an optometrist who specifically deals with pediatric eye conditions. Our son’s eye turn grew progressively worse over the next week while we waited for our appointment date.

April 9th 2014- At the initial optometrist appointment, our son Dalton was given a thorough eye exam and it was determined he had a type of strabismus called accommodative esotropia. The measure of his eye turn at that visit was 20 diopters. He was prescribed corrective lenses due to the fact he was slightly farsighted. Most children are farsighted at his age but usually don’t develop over accommodation problems such as strabismus.

April 16th 2014- Dalton started wearing his glasses full time.

April 20th


April 18th 2014- This was our first session with Diane Eble to get the custom healing codes. From the very beginning my husband and I did the codes for Dalton every day.  At first, one of us would actually do them on Dalton for about 5-8 minutes a day and then we would do the full time on ourselves and release them to Dalton. After approximately 3-4 weeks of us doing them on Dalton, we started to just do them on ourselves and release the codes to him. We also started incorporating the Alpha Inducer exercise before each session. [Note: The Alpha Inducer is available to Diane’s clients, and also comes with The Master Key.] We got new custom codes from Diane every two weeks.


May 14th 2014- Follow up optometrist appointment! We were overjoyed to learn that Dalton’s eye turn had significantly improved from 20 diopters down to 10! This meant that when he was looking at things at a distance his eyes were straight, but when he was looking at objects up close the eye would still turn in some. His Dr. was thrilled with Dalton’s progress and he was prescribed bifocals to clear up the rest of the eye turn. It would take up to 10 days to get the new lenses in.


 May 13th While waiting on the lenses to come in, I started to have concerns about transitioning him into the new bifocal lenses during an extended vacation that would have us out of town until June 9th. I called his doctor’s office and a nurse discussed it with the Dr. and she said it would be fine to wait until we got back from vacation to begin getting Dalton adjusted to his new bifocals.


May 14th-June 18th 2014- During this time, my husband and I kept releasing custom Healing Codes to Dalton that we continued to get from Diane every two weeks. We did this faithfully every day. I would personally do Healing Codes sometimes an hour a day for Dalton, and my husband would do the minimum 20-30 minutes at the least. We both say now that we felt there was much healing taking place during this time.


June 19th 2014- This was a follow-up appointment and I had requested for Dalton to have another full examination before putting him in his new bifocals. The exam revealed that his eye turn had completely corrected, measuring 0 diopters! Also, this meant no bifocals!! We were grateful beyond words and his doctor was thrilled. The plan was to keep his original glasses on for another 6 weeks until his next exam. We continued with the daily custom Healing Codes.


July 31st July 31st 2014- At this follow up appointment after Dalton’s exam it was determined that the eye turn was still completely corrected! And he wasn’t even required to wear his glasses! After some discussion with his doctor, she advised for him to continue to wear them for another 6 months just to err on the side of caution. After that if everything is the same at his 6-month follow- up appointment then he will be free from his glasses! 


These are his doctor’s words: “This is the first time I have ever seen a condition like this correct itself in such a short amount of time. It usually takes months, sometimes years to correct, and I have been doing this for 10 years.”


July 31st We are so very grateful for our son’s healing. We are thankful for our wonderful optometrist who approached this condition with a very knowledgeable, conservative approach for treatment. We are thankful for Diane for her genuine care and her great talent as a Healing Codes coach. We are thankful for our Creator for providing techniques like the Healing Codes to help us heal our issues at their source and allows Divine healing to be able to take place, and for putting the right people in our paths when needed and for sustaining our very existence.



Heather, David and Dalton

P.S. When I spoke with Diane on 8/8 for our appointment, I also realized that Dalton's allergies were gone! He was allergic to many foods, and cats, dogs--you name it. He would break out in large welts on his skin. But for the past 6-8 weeks, he hasn't had any skin problems at all! We were so focused on his eye issue we forgot all about his allergies!

Dalton's allergiesHere are some pictures of Dalton and his allergies. The first are at home where this breaking out was a daily occurrence for weeks. The allergies had actually started in Mid March of 2014.


Dalton--allergies before Healing Codes healing

Dalton--allergy testing resultsThe last picture is at his allergy testing and it shows the reaction on his legs from the allergens. He could not even be in the same room where a cat or dog had been without developing a terrible rash. We had to remove every rug in our home!

Then the eye condition happened in April and our focus changed gears. But! now to date he has been around two cats and our dog with no problem! He has actually had some of the foods he was allergic to with no problems! We are so thankful!

March 25, 2015: Dalton had his checkup with the optometrist, who said he no longer has to wear his glasses, and doesn't need to be seen for a year! The family is so thankful to God and for the Healing Codes.

A couple of comments about Heather's story:

1. It proves that the "placebo effect" has nothing to do with The Healing Codes. Dalton did not know Healing Codes were being done for him, so his healing could not be due to his believing they would work for him. And I don't think anyone who cites the placebo effect as an explanation believes it is transferable to another person (i.e., that you can be healed because another person believes you will).

2. What is so exciting about the allergies healing is that Heather didn't even mention his allergies, to me or in her prayer of intention when doing the Codes.

Yet Dalton's allergies were resolved.

The explanation seems to be: Because we didn't know exactly which issues were causing the eye problem, we took a comprehensive approach, going several times through the 12 Healing Codes categories (found in chapter 11 of The Healing Code or in the Heart Issues Finder). I also suggested a rather comprehensive prayer of intention, and we found some hidden memories along the way to pinpoint.

Takeways for you: Don't hesitate to do Healing Codes for other people. At some point, for yourself or another person, go through all 12 categories. It's especially important to do so when you have a big or persistent issue.

So, you could say in your prayer, "… related to any unforgiveness issues causing or contributing to [your issue].' In Dalton's case, it was "Dalton's eye issue."

That would be your prayer on Day 1. On Day 2, you would say, "… any harmful actions connected with [issue].” Day 3, “… any unhealthy beliefs causing or contributing to [issue]." And so forth, through the other 9 categories, one category per day.