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Triggers and Tuning Forks: How The Healing Codes Work 

by Diane Eble, Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner

When something happens in your outer world, it can rock your inner world in unexpected ways.

That's what we call "getting triggered."

Anything can be a trigger, but certain events and times of the year can be triggers to many people.

For instance, years ago, Superstorm Sandy triggered all sorts of things for my clients. I have a whole family who had  experienced a car accident years ago. The suddenness of Sandy triggered memories of the accident, which made it even more difficult for the family to weather the actual storm.

For many in the United States, the last election triggered a lot of anxieties and fears about the future. For those who came from a dysfunctional family, any number of issues could have been triggered, either before or after the election.

For people living in politically unstable regions, if instability was part of their growing up experience, the current situation will be amplified by the unhealed memories of the past that are being triggered.

The holidays inevitably trigger bad memories for many, which is why depression and even suicides skyrocket at that time of the year.

How do The Healing Codes help you deal with triggers?

Think of tuning forks. Tuning forks are tuned to a particular frequency. As Dr. Alexander Loyd points out in his internationally best-selling book, The Healing Code, memories have a frequency. If you have a lot of memories "tuned" to the frequency of fear, and something fearful happens (such as a storm), not only will you be dealing with the storm but also all the unhealed memories that are tuned to that fear frequency. Those little tuning forks inside start vibrating and sending stress signals to mind, body and soul, and that just amplifies the difficulty of your current situation.

What The Healing Codes do is change the vibration of all those memories, all those little tuning forks inside. When a "big tuning fork" on the outside is struck--like a storm, the holidays, or the elections--no little tuning forks start humming. You are able to deal much better with "big tuning fork" vibrations because you are dealing only with that, not all the extra stress from unhealed memories.

Most of us really can deal with "just the issue itself"--if that's all we have to deal with. It's when an event starts the little tuning forks humming inside that we run into trouble.

You can't prevent things from happening "out there." But you can strengthen your ability to deal with them by silencing the little tuning forks. I know no better way to do that permanently than with The Healing Codes, because they change the frequency, rather than just unblock the negative charge for the moment.