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 3 Lessons from My Client's Cancer Healing

 by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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I was thrilled to learn that one of my clients, P.B., who has bone cancer metastasized in 9 places, just got the results from her recent PET scan. Of the 9 "markers" that showed active cancer, 5 have healed completely and 4 are "almost healed"!

This is very encouraging news for my client and me, of course. She has only been doing The Healing Codes for about a month. She had also been doing Gerson Therapy, one of the oldest and most respected and studied forms of alternative treatments for detoxifying the body. She had been doing Gerson Therapy for 4 months, and was told it would likely be at least a year before she experienced any results.

We believe that her custom Healing Codes are accelerating her healing along with the Gerson Therapy. Her heart and body definitely want to be healed and are marshaling all resources toward that end.

Some interesting things about her case offer lessons we can all learn about health, healing, and the medical community. These are my thoughts.

1. Current Western medicine will not deal with any alternatives to drugs. It bothered my client a lot that her oncologist didn't even tell her the actual results of her test. He just smirked and said, "Keep doing what you're doing." It was another doctor who saw the report that told her she was actually healing. He was very excited and amazed by her results, and said, "I've never seen anything like this in all my years."

In some states, such as California, it is against the law for doctors to prescribe any alternative treatment for cancer other than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. They will be fined and lose their license. Also, they have been educated to discount alternative therapies. You will likely not get support for alternative treatment from conventional doctors. They may even withhold evidence of healing if you are doing something alternative, as happened with my client.

2. Heart issues are at the source of many if not all issues, including physical issues like cancer. When you heal the underlying "heart issues," the physical issues heal as well. All PB and I were working on were "heart issues" with The Healing Codes, which incorporate prayer and meditation as well. In fact, the meditation PB used was of putting her issues in a big cloth bundle and handing it over to Jesus. He takes the bundle, then embraces her. PB reported that she felt a significant shift when she handed her bundle over to Jesus.

3. Issues heal at different rates with The Healing Codes (or any therapy).  Happily, this client is healing quickly with The Healing Codes and her Gerson therapy. These are obviously the right therapies for her.

Why do some people heal quickly while others take a long time? There are at least two explanations, in my opinion.

One is that our bodies respond differently to different things. There is a website that offers a kit to test whether a particular alternative therapy will work for you, and this makes sense to me. (I have no experience with this kit, one way or another, but it makes sense to me that it would be valid.) The reason there are so many possible side effects to a particular drug is that everyone's body responds differently to particular drugs, treatments, etc.

Another explanation, which could be related to the one above, is that while symptoms may be similar in any two cases, the true source of each issue is vastly different. The Healing Codes explanation is that heart issues are the source of the stress that causes the weakest link in the body to break. If there are millions of memories underlying someone's physical issue, it will likely take longer than if only dozens of negative memories are the source.

The example Dr. Alex Loyd gives in The Healing Code is of two men, very similar (same age, life situation, lifestyle, etc.) who had migraine headaches for 15 years. One took a week to heal and the other a whole year. Why? Because, though they had the same symptoms, the true source of each man's problem was different. One had relatively few "heart issues" contributing to his migraine symptoms, the other had many.

Of course, it's difficult to know how many "heart issues" (negative beliefs and images) contribute to a particular issue. That's where coaching comes in. I have ways to help you find hidden memories that are key factors in your issue. When we find and heal these, healing proceeds much more quickly. I'd be happy to assist you in your healing. Details on my coaching programs are here.