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Thank You for Your Interest In Finding Out More about Navigating What's Really Going On Now.


The Background

I have always been a person who realizes that few issues are black and white. In fact, I just listened to an excellent podcast on “integrative complexity thinking” that rekindled my passion to see many sides to an issue, including things that may seem mutually exclusive.

Right now all over the world, we are being pulled toward black and white, either-or thinking, when really, the world is extremely complex, and there are always many sides to an issue.

I have personally been disturbed by the growing dichotomy and aversion to critical thinking. If you begin to question anything at all that diverges from any given narrative, you are instantly labeled and dismissed.

On social media and much of the media, it seems, gone are the days when one could explore a topic from multiple viewpoints with an open mind.

However, I believe my readers are different.

I know my readers are intelligent, open-minded people (because energy medicine isn’t exactly what “most people” understand or embrace).

So I hope you will read what I’m about to say below with grace and an open mind, because this is heavy on my heart as I interact with my many clients every week.

Many of us are unaware of a lot of things that are really going on.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

But I’m beginning to find out, as I talk to my clients from all over the world, as well as friends.

And the reason I’m writing this now, is because I think it’s crucial to become aware of What’s Really Going On Now.Our very future, and the future of our children and grandchildren, is at stake. And I suspect few of us are untouched in some way by What’s Really Going On.

Here is some of what I’m hearing and reading.

Many of my clients are struggling with different aspects of the fallout from, shall we call it, What’s Going On Now?

What’s Really Going On Now is that people are losing their jobs (or fear losing their jobs) because of certain mandates.

What’s Really Going On Now is people are being denied health care services unless they are vaccinated, or get a doctor’s note why they can’t be vaccinated, AND get tested 24-72 hours before each visit. (Happened to me.)

What’s Really Going On Now is that people who got the shots, trusting that it will keep them from getting the virus, are still getting sick and even experiencing long-term effects, and being told they need to get booster shots because the shots are not effective after 6 months. The shots don’t keep you from getting the virus (though it is supposed to help you not get sick or die from it), and they don’t keep you from transmitting the virus.

What’s Really Going On Now is that people feel forced to go against their deepest held beliefs and gut instincts to keep their jobs or even to see their families.

What’s Really Going On Now is that people are being gaslit from all directions (“what you think you’re seeing and experiencing isn’t real”).

What’s Really Going On Now is that credible scientists and other experts are being deplatformed, defamed, censored and suppressed. (I find it delightfully ironic that Dr. Robert Malone was on the Joe Rogan podcast, heard by millions of people, the day after Malone was banned from Twitter. No one is more qualified to speak to these issues than Dr. Malone. Check out his credentials, read a summary, and watch the interview here.)

What’s Really Going On Now is doctors who try to prescribe certain early treatments to a patient are called up by the pharmacist, who will ask what it’s for. If the doctor says, “COVID,” the pharmacist will rip up the prescription. (True report from my own doctor.) This despite numerous studies that these treatments are effective (such as this from Pubmed itself).

What’s Really Going On Now is in some parts of the world, such as Germany, Australia, Austria and Canada, people cannot move about freely if they are unvaccinated.

What’s Really Going On Now is people are afraid to talk about any of this. It’s the “elephant in the room” you dare not mention.

If you are disturbed by What’s Really Going On in any way . . .

if you’re unsure whether the shots are safe (or you’re sure they aren’t) . . .

if you feel or felt coerced into making decisions you feel uncomfortable making . . .

if you’re feeling uneasy about the growing government encroachment on your privacy and your body . . .

check out the resources below.


If you are interested in getting the docuseries, COVID REVEALED, the free viewing time is past, but you can still order the packages.  Here is the link to find out more. 

I watched several episodes and some of the bonus Q&A. I’ve always been impressed with Patrick Gentempo’s research and interviewing skills. Here he interviewed some of the top scientists and experts in a number of arenas to look at What’s Really Going On Now from a number of perspectives.

You can’t help but be impressed by his passion, and the passion of his experts who are putting their careers on the line, to save lives.

Vaccine Secrets--Reloaded

Also, Jonathan Otto just aired Vaccines Secrets--Reloaded, and it too covers a broad range of topics and experts, from what I've seen. Replay weekend finished the weekend of Jan. 22-23, but I believe you can still order the series. Check it out here.

I don't say I agree with everything on any of these programs. What I value is Truth, and the only way to get to that is to hear many sides of an issue. Then you draw your own conclusions.

Explore all sides, discern Truth. Arm yourself with Truth, and you will feel empowered. Stick your head in the sand, and you will feel fearful and helpless.

Other resources and sources of good information will be sent to those who signed up to get to this page, and this page will be updated.

Custom Healing Code for Emotional Inflammation

Here is the promised custom Healing Code for addressing the Emotional Inflammation from the negative energy of What's Really Going On Now:

  • both hands bridge 
  • left hand temple, right hand jaw 
  • both hands temples 
  • both hands bridge 
  • left jaw, right temple 
  • both hands Adam's apple 
  • Do for 6-12 minutes, focusing on something positive. May I suggest my favorite Truth Focus Statement? 

"The life-giving light of [insert favorite name for deity: the Lord God Almighty; the Source of All Life and Truth; the Good Shepherd; the Prince of Peace; The Lord Jesus Christ, etc.]

shines in all the darkness, and brings complete healing, peace, and right relationships with God, self and others. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never overcome it."


Affiliate Disclosure:

The link to some of these resources may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting my ability to give you free ecoaching. Please know I only recommend products that meet these criteria.