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Navigating Turbulent Times



Ever since doing my "Push Back the Darkness" prayer event (and really, even before, since I've been praying some variation of this prayer for awhile now), I have been looking for evidence that God is indeed, "shining his life-giving light into the darkness, to expose and thwart evil, reveal truth, and guide us to the path of peace."

I was thrilled today to watch Pam Popper's video clip about Naomi Wolf’s book, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human. Pam quotes from Naomi about Naomi‘s spiritual journey, which is quite remarkable. Take a look (the video is only 12:30 long):


To me, this is another example of God shining His light into this dark world, to expose and thwart evil, reveal truth, and guide us to the path of peace. 

I am reading the prophet Jeremiah now, having just finished Isaiah. Again and again, God brought calamity on the people to show them that the way they are going is wrong and leads to bad consquences, and to turn them back to the true God.

It strikes me that people who formerly paid no attention to God, like Naomi Wolf and others I have read who are looking at what’s going on in the world, are coming to the conclusion that there is a spiritual evil, i.e. Satan. And they are turning to God. Is this not what God might be intending by letting all this happen?

I also find it interesting that both Pam Popper and Naomi Wolf are Jewish.

As Pam Popper says, "God always wins." We can be part of the battle by praying (remembering, it's a spiritual battle)--and so share in the victory.