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How The Healing Codes Closed Up a Hole In My Heart (PFO)

And Medical Proof of What It's Done Since Then


Medical Reports of The Healing Codes' Effectiveness ... 13 years later

It's now 13 years since I started doing The Healing Codes, and a little less than that since the PFO was healed. Starting in 2012 my integrative medical doctor started using the Max Pulse machine to do Heart Rate Variability and tests on me, and has done them ever since. (There is a very good explanation this test here.)

I would like you to see for yourself the physical, medical evidence of what regularly doing Healing Codes, along with other good health practices, can do. These tests measure the balance of my autonomic nervous system, the elasticity and overall health of my blood vessels, and more. (The report explains the tests and what they show.)

If you would like to download a copy of this report for your own encouragement, or perhaps to share with someone else, please sign up below and you will be taken instantly to the document. (This is the way my attorney says I have to do it; I can't publish it outright on the site.)

For a complete history of what years of daily Healing Codes have done for me, read this blog post.