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Information on The Master Key

The Immune System Master Key

I was introduced to a form of what became the Master Key in 2010 at a live event with Dr. Alex Loyd. I have been using it ever since.

You can read all about The Immune System Master Key here, in terms of what it is and does and what you get. The information on that site is fascinating. So take a moment to go over there and read it.

I've had some remarkable healing using the Master Key (see below, and yes, the "D.E." in the testimonial on the Master Key website is me). So I do recommend the Master Key to anyone.

In this review, I want to tell you what I think of the product as it has been developed. This review also gives you information you won't find on the Master Key website, that I think is very relevenat to your decision about whether the Master Key is right for you.

Powerful Enhancement to The Healing Codes

I think the Master Key is very powerful, especially as an enhancement to The Healing Codes. The last line of the Master Key Manual Level 1 says, "Use of the Healing Codes ... will take the Master Key to the next level." I believe and have experienced that there is a powerful synergistic effect between the two, so that the power of each is enhanced by the other in combination.

Though The Master Key by itself offers powerful healing effects, in my experience personal engagement always adds power. My study of quantum physics confirms this: conscious attention to a matter changes things dramatically.

Therefore I think the Healing Codes steps of identifying the feeling, and, if possible, the memories, and including that "issue" in a targeted prayer of intention, allows the Heart to target what needs to be healed in a very specific way.

Then the frequencies and images of The Master Key step in and "unlock the Heart," flooding the body and brain with healing frequencies. Again, though, doing that while pointing to the Healing Centers from The Healing Codes, only enhances the effects of everything.

One other benefit of using the Master Key with The Healing Codes: you can do Healing Codes for others and release the healing. I'm not sure you can do the Master Key for others.

Scientific Evidence that Binaural Beats Ease Stress and Help Protect Health

 "Binaural beats' ease stress--and help protect your health," according to an article published in Bottom Line Health. Dr. Jeffrey D.Thompson, a chiropractic physician and the founder and director of the Center for Neurocoustic Research in Carlsbad, California affirms what Dr. Alex Loyd teaches about The Healing Codes: that "stress is often at the root of health problems ranging from headaches and heart disease to depression and diabetes." Dr. Thompson says that "listening to therapeutic sound often works better than many commonly used stress-fighting techniques."

The article stated that a number of studies have found that binaural beats--a technology that synchronizes brain waves with an externally introduced sound that pulses at a particular frequency--has therapeutic effects. (Binaural beats are an intrinsic part of The Immune System Master Key, present in every one of the audios and videos.) The article cites the following benefits:

  • Deeper sleep. A 2014 German study found that 15 people who listened to binaural beats during sleep had deeper sleep, felt more refreshed when they woke up and had less sleepiness during the day. 
  • Less anxiety. A study of 108 people about to have surgery showed a 26% reduction in anxiety from listening to binaural beats--more than twice as much as the anxiety reduction in people who listened to the same music without binaural beats. 
  • Better focus and mood. Duke University Medical Center did a study of 29 people and found that those who listened to binaural beats developed more focus (and a better mood) than those who did not. 
  • More creativity. A study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience reported that 24 people listening to binaural beats had an improvement in "divergent thinking"--the ability to come up with creative ideas. 

Why Do Binaural Beats Work?

Unknown ObjectBinaural beats interrupt the stress cycle in the brain. Dr. Thompson explained that it's our response to stress that's the problem. When you're "stressed out," it wreaks havoc on your brain. Brain waves, which can be measured in frequency (Hertz or Hz), become agitated by chronic stress. Your brain frequency gets into "beta brain waves" when stressed, angry or fearful (which can be unconscious, due to unhealed memories).

So when you do a Healing Code with The Master Key, which includes binaural beats PLUS other healing frequencies, you pack the most powerful punch possible in terms of dealing with the unhealthy effects of stress, whether it's conscious or unconscious stress.

Dr. Thompson says that binaural beats effectively synchronize the brain with any new, prominent frequency that is introduced, such as calming, restful alpha waves.

This excited me because that's exactly what The Immune System Master Key does. You listen to binaural beats over other frequencies that induce either alpha or theta brain wave states. There's actually a lot more you get with the Master Key (such as the 528 frequency of love, healing words, videos that provide visuals to those words, and more). But I want to report here on just how the binaural beats produce all the beneficial effects listed above.

When you listen to something with binaural beats built in, such as The Master Key, one frequency is introduced to the left hemisphere of the brain (via the right ear), and another one to the right hemisphere (via the left ear). With this binaural effect, the brain is tricked into "hearing" a phantom third beat that is the difference between the two frequencies.

Then your brain automatically synchronizes with and focuses on the frequency of that phantom beat. If the frequency is the same as a desired state, Dr. Thompson says, your stress is relieved within a few minutes.

My Personal Preferences

The Master Key includes several different audios with the above-mentioned characteristics. Frankly, they're a mixed bag for me. No doubt it's a matter of personal preference, and it's good that there are so many from which to choose.

I find the Basic Tone grating. Some of the other tones I find downright disturbing, yet I really like one set from the Advanced Version. I do find this one creates great calm in me. I use it with or without the Words depending on what I'm doing. I have the one without the Words on in the background often, especially when I know it will be a stressful day. And I use the one with the Words whenever I'm doing my Healing Codes/Master Key exercises.

I do believe that images are powerful and an important part of healing. While the videos in this product don't do much for me personally (I prefer my own images), I think they would be a useful starting point for someone who finds it difficult to create their own images. In time you will find it easier to create your own images, which Dr. Loyd encourages.

The information in the Manuals fascinates me. (Though the editor in me was disappointed; it reads like a transcript.) Dr. Alex Loyd obviously has put much thought and research into this material. The perspectives on Heart and spirit, soul and body, and the "image maker" have been extremely useful for me. I especially appreciate the material in the Level 2 (Advanced Version) Manual about the "Decision Tree."

Yes, there are two Levels of the Master Key. Dr. Loyd wants you to do Level 1 first for 40 days, to lay the foundation. I can see his point. I encourage you to get the Advanced Version if you can. I especially like much of the teaching in The Advanced Version. I find those Words and music the most powerful. (However, there are some audio selections in Level 2 that I really don't care for at all. I suppose it's a matter of taste.)

The Master Key Words

To me, the most powerful part of the Master Key is the Words that Dr. Loyd was given. In the more than 4 years since I have been doing Healing Codes/Master Key work, I have not grown tired of using these words. That's amazing, even to me.

Here is his story of how he got those words.

Several years ago, Dr. Alex Loyd received a phone call from a woman.  She said, "This will sound crazy, but please just listen. I have a very young child who came to us one morning and told us about a dream. I believe we are supposed to pass on this information to you."

In the dream God had come to the young child and he took the child throughout history, showing the child things as if they were happening then. God showed the child detailed historical events. At the end, God gave the child a gift, in the form of a series of words that would be very healing if done in the correct order and used correctly.

It should be noted that the child was not religious at all, neither were his parents. In fact, they had mixed religious backgrounds and had tried to expose the young child to different viewpoints.

The child shared the historical events with the parents, who were amazed at the intricate details of the events as the child described them. They knew the child had never been exposed to that information from them. They called the child's teachers and other adults and asked if they had talked about such events with the child. The great majority of the events the child (and people exposed to the child) had never been taught. The parents did further research, and confirmed that every detail was true, though even some people with doctorates did not know of certain details.

The parents started using the words the child was given, and experienced incredible results. After a year of using it and praying about it, they contacted Alex Loyd. "Test them and then do whatever you feel you're supposed to," they told him." They gave two conditions: that Alex would never reveal the identity of the child, and that they would never receive a penny in return for this. They did what they felt they were supposed to do with it and that was to be the end of it. They must remain anonymous.

So Alex Loyd tested these words in various ways and eventually incorporated them with audios and videos to create the Master Key.

Meditating on these Words indeed seems to create shifts in me that are hard to describe, but very real. I believe it has turbocharged my healing work.

In a couple of instances, the healing has been dramatic. One of them was the time when a mysterious mouth ulcer that the dentist was monitoring for 6 weeks disappeared within 3 days when I finally addressed it with Healing Codes/Master Key. Another time, my bad cold totally dissipated right in the middle of doing The Healing Codes with Master Key.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As mentioned, the Words purportedly came from God to a young child in a dream. To some people these Words will seem to come from a certain religious persuasion because the list contains words such as "Jesus" and "Atonement." Alex Loyd suggests you simply be open to whatever the truth is in these words; you do not need to be of any particular religious persuasion. However, some people have had a problem with some of the words, mostly the ones just named, so I thought I'd mention it.

If you think this will be a problem for you, you can get the Master Key anyway and just use the Basic Tone as background to your Healing Code work. One thing that I think would be a good addition to the Basic package are audios without the Words, so that you can just say the Words yourself to the tones. (At present, the only Tone that doesn't have the Words is the Basic Tone, which many people, including me, find grating by itself. In the Advanced Version, there is an audio with just the tones, no words, that I like a lot.)

The videos also contain the Words, so you may need to skip them and find your own images. You can use your own substitute for some of the words, I suppose. However, since Dr. Loyd believes all the Words--and their order--are important, results can't be guaranteed. Again, what is asked is for you to be open to whatever the truth is in the frequencies of these Words.

My Added Bonus Will Help You Get the Most Out of The Master Key

As noted above, I have found the Master Key to be most powerful when used in conjunction with The Healing Codes. To me it is not a substitute, but a powerful enhancer. The two healing approaches are very powerful complements to each other.

As Dr. Loyd suggests, I have experimented with a number of different ways to combine Healing Codes with the Master Key.

So, as a thank you for ordering the Master Key through my affiliate link (which means I am paid a small commission when you order through me), I will send you the document I've created with specific instructions as to how I have used Master Key with Healing Codes for what I think is maximum healing.

In fact, there are several different variations. I will spell those out for you.

I will also tell you how to use it with the Q Codes, if you happen to have that product.

Finally, I have found that saying a particular prayer AFTER doing your Healing Code/Master Key seems to amplify the effects even more.

I will include that prayer as well in the instructions.

When you order through my link, you will still get all the bonuses promised by The Healing Codes, plus my added bonus. But you must order through this link or one of the links on this page. Then, simply forward a copy of your order confirmation via email to:

, so that I can send you the document.

If you want to get the Master Key AND my bonus, please go here and order from their sales page (opens in a new window, so you can come back to this page). Then, after you receive your email confirmation from The Healing Codes company*, forward that eamil to me so that I can send you the bonus on how to do the Master Key with Healing Codes. 

Take me to Master Key Sales Page for more info.

Take me straight to the order form.

 I already have the Basic Version, take me to the Advanced Version page to order at 50% off. 

*Important: The Master Key fulfillment is done by The Healing Codes organization. If you have any issues with the product itself, you must go through their customer service to resolve it. Some further tips:

  • Look for several emails from The Healing Codes with product downloads. Look in ALL your email inboxes; sometimes it ends up in junk/spam etc. 
  • Make sure you download everything right away as the download links do expire after a time, and then it's a pain to everyone to have to contact customer service.  

Note: You can assume that any product I promote that you buy through a link on my site will pay me an affiliate commission. This allows me to pay the bills and keep my coaching fees as affordable as I can, as well as have the time to educate you about things like how to get the most out of The Healing Codes, articles which reach a wide number of people who will never pay me a cent. I love writing about healing and this is one of the ways I get to finance it.

So if you would be so kind as to buy through my links (this means you need cookies enabled on your device), I would be most grateful and can continue to bring you good information about healing, 90% of which is offered freely. Thank you in advance.