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Everything you need to get the most out of The Healing Codes and healing prayer with Certified Coach, Diane Eble, editor of The Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson

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Welcome to the Healing Hearts Circle PLUS!

healing hearts circle 

I'm so glad you are joining us for these weekly coaching sessions! You will find them very powerful--especially because of the group synergy.

You see, it's been proven now that the power of the group is much stronger than if we met individually. And didn't Jesus say, "Where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I?" When we come together, I always pray that God would accompiish his purposes, and trusting he will do exactly that, for each of us.

The Healing Hearts Circle Plus program consists of four calls/month, one call each week on Tuesdays at 11:30am Central Time (12:30 Eastern, 10:30 Mountain, 9:30 Pacific). Here is the breakdown of each call.

Immanuel Connection Call

The FIRST Tuesday will be a group facilitated Immanuel Connection experience.

In this call you will be guided in a connection with Immanuel, one of the names of Jesus, which means "God with us." You will actually experience his presence. This is the foundation of the transformation God has for you. You may download the information on what that entails below.

I am super excited about this addition. There will be a recording of the session for those who can’t make it live. And this one will be a video call, on my Meetn.com platform. However, I cannot give you a custom Healing Code for it if you do not attend live. You will have to let me know before the following week’s Healing Hearts Circle call what you issue is, and it will be incorporated into that group Code and Code to Go.

Healing Hearts Circle: 2x/month

The Healing Hearts Circle calls will be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, at 11:30 a.m. Central time. The calls will be audio only. You will be given the call-in information the Friday before, and I request that you send me the issue you want to work on for the ensuing call by 9 a.m. Central the day before the call (i.e. Monday). That will ensure the frequency of the Code will include your issue; specificity helps. On the live call, I will touch base with each of you on your issue so I can test for hidden memories and give you your custom Healing Codes II position to do while I say the Prayer of Intention.

The "PLUS" part includes two additional calls/month, starting in October.

Coaching: QA/Highly Sensitive

The THIRD Tuesday call will be an open coaching/QA/teaching call. Initially at least, I will be giving a brief teaching on the trait of High Sensitivity, then opening it up for questions/coaching on that topic or anything else that is coming up for you. Those calls will be recorded, you may ask a question ahead of time, but if you want a custom Healing Code on that call for your issue, you will have to attend live.

How to Prepare

Please download the following documents to prepare for the call.

Also, make sure you return the Consent Form and Disclaimer to me. (If you have already sent me a Consent Form and Disclaimer from private coaching sessions, you do not need to do it now.)

The two above forms must be returned to me prior to your first call. If you have already sent these forms because you have received personal custom codes, you do not need to send ithem again.

The call number will stay the same, but the access code for web call and replay will change with each call.

If you ordered the subscription, the credit card you signed up with will be charged on the date you signed up, until and unless you cancel.

Please make sure you're calling from a quiet place, and if possible, on a speaker phone or with a headset so your hands will be free.

You will be sent an email a few days prior to the call with the call-in information. Please make sure you send me the email with your issue (feelings, beliefs, any negative coping mechanisms) by 9am Central the day of the call, especially if you can't be live.

I'm so looking forward to connecting with you!