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Coaching for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

It fascinates me that 90%+ of my clients over the years have this trait called Sensory Processing Sensitivity, or simply, High Sensitivity. Only 20-30% of the population possesses this inborn trait, yet the vast majority of my clients have this more finely-tuned nervous system.


I think there are a number of reasons.

  1. The traits of High Sensitivity (depth of processing, easily overstimulated, empathy and emotional responsiveness, and sensitive to subtle stimuli) tend to lead to self-awareness and a desire to heal. 
  2. HSPs may have more to heal than others. When you're part of a world that is geared toward people who do not share this trait, you may experience more "heart issues," such as feeling you don't fit in, like there's something wrong with you (many HSPs grew up hearing, "you're too sensitive," and internalizing this as a flaw), that you're not good enough, that your needs aren't important, etc. 
  3. Part of the trait is called differential susceptibility, which means that the bad things impact you more--but also, so do the good things! HSPs raised in a supportive environment tend to excel above less-sensitive people. The converse is also true: HSPs who grew up in a non-supportive, abusive, or neglectful environment tended to show more mental and physical problems later in life. 
  4. The Healing Codes, because of the gentle, meditative aspect of the modality, tend to attract HSPs. Also, HSPs heal very well with this particular modality (that's where differential susceptibility is an asset!). 

If you think you are Highly Sensitive, I encourage you to visit my web page here. Take the quiz and the survey, and join me once a month (third Tuesday) for a coaching call to learn more about the trait and get your questions answered along with some coaching.

If time permits, you may even be able to get a custom Healing Code if you attend live. (Priority for that is given to members of the Align with Your Divine DesignTM program.)

I want to learn more about being Highly Sensitive and getting coaching!