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Special Invitation 

Coach-Guided Custom Healing Code to Address Feelings Triggered by the Coronavirus Pandemic

The current pandemic and other incidents that are unfolding throughout the world are unleashing another pandemic just as damaging: a pandemic of fear, anxiety, worry, even panic. A sense of "no control." These feelings, and any unhealed memories that are triggered, cause a great deal of stress.

And stress weakens the immune system, which we all need to be in tip-top condition right now. Most of the people who contract the coronovirus survive it—unless their immune system is compromised in some way.

The Healing Codes are an excellent tool to address this second pandemic. By removing the stress of the unhealed memories that are being triggered, you free more resources for your immune system to fight this or any other pathogen.

I want to support you by offering a free, Coach-Guided custom Healing Code to address fear, anxiety, worry, panic, and sense of "no control."

If you are bothered by these feelings, and especially if you have bad memories that are triggered by the current pandemic, I invite you to listen to the replay of the call I did on Monday, March 30, 2020.

There is no cost for this, but you must sign up to get the information, instructions, AND the replay, so that you can continue to be supported in healing these issues for the 16 days  this custom Healing Code will remain strong. (When you start using it, it will be very strong for you for the next 16 days. Custom Healing Codes do "expire," because they are tuned to the particular frequency of the issues we are healing. As they heal, the frequency changes and the code goes "out of sync.") 

    A special word to those who might be new to The Healing Codes: Please come prepared by watching my video demonstration and signing up for the free email minicourse, "Getting Started with The Healing Codes." You will receive Lesson 1 right away. Read that, to become familiar with The Healing Codes and prepared to get the most out of this special Coach-Guided event.