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Review of Healing Music by Elio

Music and healing.

According to numerous studies, the two can go hand in hand.

Perhaps this is because, as Dr. Alex Loyd teaches in The Master Key, "frequency is the language of the body." The body reduces everything to frequency: memories, viruses, emotions, thoughts--all are frequencies in the body.

So it makes sense that what the body takes in through the senses is also transcoded to frequencies, and these frequencies can have a positive or negative effect.

As Dr. Emoto brilliantly illustrated by his photographs of water molecules that are expposed to various kinds of music, not all music has the same effects on our bodies' water molecules.

Studies show that some music enhances healing. I cited three I found of interest in a Healing Heart Issues blog post. I thought it was interesting that all three studies, in one way or another, pointed to two conclusions:

  • music that heals must be real music, not what they called "pseudo-music--sounds containing some elements similar to music, such as rhythm and off-key tones." Music that heals is most similar to classical music, according to two of the three studies I cited. Pseudo-music or mere tones apparently had no effect. 
  • It's important that you enjoy the music. In one study, people in the ICU were given either a playlist of their favorite music, noise-cancelling headphones, or nothing. Those who heard music lowered their self-assessed anxiety levels by 38 percent. Those with noise-cancelling headphones showed some improvement, but not as much as the music group. The group who received standard care were not mentioned. 

The reason I believe Elio Pagliarulo's Music for the Healing Codes enhanes healing for me is that I enjoy it, it definitely is "real music," it has many overtones of classical music, and it is created with the intention for healing.

Now Available with the 528Hz "Love Frequency" Underneath!

Music is, of course, frequency, and certain frequencies have been noted to have healing effects on DNA. There is one particular tone that seems to have special healing properties. It's the 528 Herz frequency, which was studied in depth by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, world famous author of 15 health science books, a graduate and formally on staff at Harvard as a public health expert. According to Dr. Horowitz, “all healing occurs from sound waves or vibrations and the 528 Hertz is THE MOST POWERFUL vibration.” 

Human cells use DNA, like radios use antennae, to receive the note vibrations and attune the body’s rhythm to that of the cosmos. Dr. Horowitz refers to the 528 Hz note as "the frequency of love" which, in addition to providing miraculous health benefits, opens the portals to spiritual transformation.

Miraculous healing effects aside, this 528 Hz frequency on is own is, frankly, unpleasant to the ear. Elio knew it was a frequency with positive results, so he has now combined the 528 Hz frequency with his Music for The Healiing Codes to provide what I think is an extremely powerful enhancement to The Healing Codes.

So what you have with this new product is 10 seconds of the 528 Hz tone alone, then the beautiful selections of The Healing Code Music come in. You get the full effects of both: the Music for The Healing Codes with all the emotion, healing intention, and pure artisty, AND the 528 Hz "frequency of love" that your body and cells pick up, to re-tune your cells to the healing frequency that may even product spontaneous healing.

Like the former version of the Music for The Healing Code, you may choose "With Prompts" (WP, chimes every 30 seconds so you know when to change positions) or Withou Prompts (WP), to just relax and listen to any time.

Here's what some people have experienced just from the Love Music that Elio provided with the 528 Hz frequency:


  • Elio-- just listened to the 'LOVE' frequency track you just posted. Completely floored. I instantly felt movement in my solar plexus, and not slight , strong movement ... moments later, perhaps 15-20 seconds in felt a slight vertigo, un-balance, shifting of sorts. Not in a bad way -- in kinda change movement sorta way. Altered perhaps. Unbeleivably soothing though. Mad respect Elio --this is wonderful. My head is still kinda swimming ,like drugs almost , only with out the chemicals . (lol) Was this the intent? --UK
  • Elio I absolutely love this track. (LOVE Frequency) When I listened to it I instinctively wanted to do the Healing Codes. There is something in it that touches the soul at a deep level. Thanks for the gift. --Ireland
  • Dear Elio,
    Thank you so much for this music (LOVE Frequency). I'm down with Acute Bronchitis at the moment and this was a LOVE answer to prayer. I am feeling rebalanced and focused. Thank you for the unique music that you give so lovingly. God Bless you, --USA
  • are beautiful...THANK you for this amazing music your create.I have downloaded this 528htz track and its playing as i type. I can feel it going through me and my system has a little 'letting go' every so often ... every 10 or more breaths i think it is ... like a big sigh comes through me and it lets go of a bunch of stuck Energy.
      I get that with doing my THC too, and so am familiar with when my system it re-adjusting. Integrating.
      I very much R`respect you & your wonderful creative abilities.
    It is most generous of you to share this.... It's playing over and over in my computer media player. I plan to leave it going, playing over and over, as i often do with other 'enhanced' sound tracks and this fills my home with a wonderful ambiance. --Australiilia
  • Hi Elio,
    I just got around to downloading the Love song with 528 Hz and after a crazy, hectic day it was such a wonderful experience to sit and listen. The music took me to another place where all is right in the world. Definitely what I needed and I look forward to more listening and using with the Codes. Thank you for your generous heart! --USA

Click here to get the Healing Code Music with 528 Hz Frequency

Hear Elio's Heart--and Sample His Music

But there's no better way for you to experience both Elio and his music than to sample it for yourself, and listen to his heart in an interview I did with him on July 16, 2013.

In the interview you will learn the 3 main streams of music that influence him (hint: one is classical), as well as how he composes and what his intentions were in what he's composed. I also mentioned how this music is the answer to a struggle many people have: "I don't have any positive love picture to focus on when doing a Healing Code." (OK, I'll tell you part of what I said: "Just listen to the music and relax! The music itself provides the positive frequency.")

Elio graciously edited the interview, added samples of his music, and even created a video of the interview. Feel free to watch and/or listen to Elio and me as we discuss his healing music.

The music you hear at the beginning is from the Healing Code Music Part 2 (coming out soon), in the middle is an excerpt from The Return, and at the end is another sample from Healing Code Music Part 2.


Audio only of interview

 download audio of interview


"I finally bought Elio's HC music and it is wonderful, could do codes all day with him! His music goes straight to my heart and love pictures flow abundantly! In addition to your [custom] codes I'm also going through the 12 codes with his music and I almost feel hopeful! I use his Love music when I do the codes you gave me. I used to play bassoon and especially love his use of the cello.

"I thank him spiritually every time I listen! I think everyone could benefit from Elio's music! His music has made doing the codes a beautiful experience for me. Now I want to do the codes."--J. D.

Click image above or here to sample or order current Music for The Healing Codes

Preview of "The Return"

the return album healing music by elio

  download sample of The Return


 Preview Music for The Healing Code Part 2 (available at future date)


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