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Finally--Straight Talk about EMF from a Qualified EMF Consultant!

Years ago I listened to a summit on EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and its effects on health, and began to suspect that it may be the source of our “strange” physical symptoms that doctors just shrugged at.

Like my headaches that would suddenly come upon me, especially when I stepped into a certain part of the kitchen.

Or my husband’s memory loss. It puzzles the neurologist because “he doesn’t fit any of the categories of dementia. And it’s taken a long time to progress—much longer than usual.”

Either he has dementia, and the things we do to help the brain (the MIND diet, exercise, brain games, and of course, energy healing) is staving it off, or his symptoms are caused by something else (like EMF perhaps?).

I have been looking for a qualified EMF Consultant since 2017 or 2018.

Finally my prayers were answered, when I found Mieke Jacobs, an EMF Consultant working out of the Chicago area, who has a big heart to help people, and a whole lot of knowledge and specialized training in EMF investigation and mitigation, along with all the special meters and testing equipment.

I attended a seminar she did a couple of weeks ago, and it was SO informative.  We’ve also had several phone conversations. I’ll be hiring her soon to do a home inspection.

One of the most helpful things she did was send those who attended the seminar information on EMF: studies of how it affects health, and (another thing I had been looking for), a list of products she does and does not recommend.

I felt so good when I realized I had been kept from spending money on devices that not only didn’t work, according to Mieke’s knowledge and experience working with hundreds of clients, but could actually be harmful.

Two examples.

I had considered getting a grounding mat for the beds for a very long time, but somehow never did. Mieke explained how they could actually be harmful, depending on how your home is wired and what else is going on in terms of EMF. There are actually four kinds of EMF, and you need different strategies for mitigating harmful effects of each of them.

Also, I had considered getting a Pulsed EMF (PEMF) mat; one of my doctors was very impressed with them. Mieke said that while it’s good for healing injuries, she knew too many people who used PEMF mats regularly and ended up with cancer. The doctor who recommended the Bemer to me died of cancer herself.

Mieke has graciously allowed me to share the information she sent us seminar attendees, so I have created a document including all that as well as her contact information.

In this comprehensive, Special Report on EMF, Mieke covers:
    • health effects of EMF exposure
    • research
    • recommended products
    • products she does NOT recommend, and why (including some that are heavily marketed; she reveals the tactics behind the marketing, and what the facts are).

Because the harmful effects of EMF is controversial, and she names products, I am not publicizing this much. You can access the document by clicking here. I ask you to opt in so that Mieke can send you follow up information, and I’ll know you’re interested in this topic so I can send you more information as I come across it as well.

Though Mieke can only go to homes within 250 miles of her location in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, she does do virtual consultations with anyone. She has an extensive questionnaire for clients to fill out, which can tell her a lot, and she can advise on various ways to test yourself and mitigation strategies to try.