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Review of Dr. SeaSeven, raw Vegan Superfood

 Dr. SeaSeven:

Nutritional Insurance that speeds your body's return to "The Zone"

Here was my dilemma, which I suspect might be yours, too.

I wanted to provide my body with the nutrients it needs to keep healthy.  (I call this "operating in The Zone," where everything is working as God intended when he designed the amazing human body.)

I wanted to do that without having to pay an arm and a leg for organic produce and/or expensive whole food supplements. (Cheap supplements are synthetic and not good for you. The whole food/natural ones, such as you can get from Trivita or Mediherb etc., can be expensive.)

When Dr. Ben Johnson, co-author of The Healing Code, recommended a product based on sea vegetables, I gave it a try.

That was several years ago. I am very happy with this product, which seems to be doing wonders to balance all my body systems. I have cut back on just about all of the other supplements I was taking. When I forget to take it, which sometimes happens at night, I find myself waking up. So I think it helps my sleep, which is sometimes an issue.

So what is this wonder product's name?

Dr. SeaSeven.

What is Dr. SeaSeven?

Dr. SeaSeven is a Raw Vegan Superfood, from a blend of 7 wild-harvested sea vegetables.

Dr. SeaSeven is harvested from the coldest waters from around the world in their region of origin.

The Dr. SeaSeven synergistic blend contains every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, and amino acid in nature’s perfect balance—plus enzymes, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients and many other powerful nutrients found in nature, required for ultimate health.

Watch this 8-minute video on why all these things are important, and how Bela developed Dr. SeaSeven from 44 years of research.

Dr. Sea Seven Interview from Bela Berkes on Vimeo.

Benefits of Dr. SeaSeven

You won't have to take any other vitamin/mineral type supplements with this. So if you currently take a lot of vitamins and minerals, you can replace them with Dr. SeaSeven as I have. It may actually save you lots of money, depending on what other supplements you take.

Dr. SeaSeven will also increase the effectiveness of other whole foods and whole food supplements such as herbs or herbal combinations. Another way you may end up saving money: You can take less of these kinds of natural remedies.

Here are some of the other benefits people have reported:

  • 99% of consumers report an increase in energy in just a few days 
  • many report a significant weight loss 
  • blood pressure normalization 
  • blood sugar stabilization in approximately three months 
  • reduction or elimination of hot flashes 
  • an end to constipation 
  • disappearance of painful menstrual cycles, 
  • elimination of headaches 
  • improved sleeping 
  • an overall feeling of well-being 

I recommend this product because of my own personal experience and because I have gotten to know Bela, the person who developed it. The company's service is excellent, and I believe the product is, too.

I see it as "nutritional insurance" that gives my body what it needs to functional optimally. With The Healing Codes, I am removing the stress that knocks my cells out of "the Zone" of optimal functioning.

At that point, my body can take over and heal what needs to be healed, but only if it has building blocks to do so. With Dr. SeaSeven, I provide my body what it needs to get back into "the Zone" and stay there.

How Can I Order Dr. SeaSeven?

Dr. SeaSeven is available only through approved health care providers such as myself.

You can get one bottle (120 ml, a one-month supply--available only while supplies last) for $45.95 or a 3-pack for $114.95, saving you $7.63 per bottle. Shipping is free! (At this time, we can only sell and ship within the USA.)

order Dr SeaSeven 1 bottle   1 bottle: $45.95 - FREE USPS Priority shipping. (Note: We can only sell and ship in the U.S.A.)


Save with a 3-pack: $129.95 - FREE USPS Priority shipping. (Note: We can only sell and ship in the U.S.A.)

order Dr SeaSeven 3 pack 


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