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Align with Your Divine Design

Module 5


Lesson 2:

Lies to Truth Tool

We have been working, through the Immanuel Connection calls, with the lies we've come to believe. Those default "truths" got baked into our subconscious minds through unfortunate circumstances, usually from childhood. Our perceptions of the experiences formed the "truths" we came to live by, the "old tired path" that created grooves in the brain.

You're now ready to transform them and infuse real Truth into your subsconcious! The tools you have worked with have "ploughed the field" to prepare the good seed of Truth to take root, germinate, and bear fruit.

I'm so excited for you!

There are two documents to download.

The first is the Instructions that will walk you through the tool.

The second in the Template, which again, is in pdf, docx (Word), and odt files. The latter two you can write in.

Finally, there is a REVISED "That was Then, This is Now" Template that will include, in Step 4, gathering the evidence. I didn't want to "muddy the waters" when I gave you the first version, but I encourage you to download and use this revised version from now on. 

Download the detailed Lies to Truth Tool instructions here.

Download the Lies to Truth Template in the format that works best for you:

Download the REVISED "That was Then, This is Now" TEMPLATE in the format that works best for you: