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Align with Your Divine Design

Module 2: CONNECT

Here is your workbook for Module 2: CONNECT with the God who Designed You.

I encourage you to go through each step in order, as each step builds on the prior one.

  1. Download and read "INTRODUCTION to the CONNECT Module of CHRIA." Get your CONNECT journal. 
  2. Download Lesson 1: Journal Exercise: Discover a God You Can Love (Who Already Loves You). Do the journal exercise. Email it to me if you want to be witnessed (recommended). 
  3. Download Lesson 2: "How to Keep a Gifts Journal" and begin this practice. Please try to do it daily, looking for at least 3 things that felt like "gifts" to you. Refer to Abundant Gifts and the Abundant Gifts blog for ideas. Again, if you want to share your journal, I'd love to witness God's goodness in your life! 
  4. Download Lesson 3: Four Keys to Hearing God's Voice. Optional: Watch the free Mark Virkler video series. 
  5. Immanuel Prayer Journaling. Download the Immanuel Journaling prompts. At least once/week, take a few minutes to do this. Share to be witnessed.