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"The Healing Code Isn't Working!"

7 Reasons Healing Doesn't Appear to Happen

by Diane Eble, CHCCP and editor of The Healing Code

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Most people get wonderful results when they use The Healing Code consistently. (Just read the Amazon reviews of the book to confirm this, or read testimonials of my clients to see what's possible.)

However, some people do not see the results they desire, especially if it's a physical issue they're wanting to heal. In a conversation with Dr. Alex Loyd, he revealed seven reasons why people may not get the results they seek.

If you're not healing the way you want with The Healing Code, one or more of these could be at work.

1. Conscious conflict. Being honest with just yourself, is there anything in your life that you do or don't do on a regular basis that violates your value system? It can be a big or a little thing.

(I would also add to this, it could be something you aren't aware of that is nevertheless adding some sort of stress to your life. For instance, you have an unknown food allergy or intolerance. Many people have food intolerances, for instance to gluten, that is unknown yet is wreaking havoc with their bodies. I did an interview with the author of The Gluten Effect that opened my eyes to the far-reaching physical effects such an intolerance can have. Just by eating, you may be adding physiological stress that is challenging your immune system and preventing you from healing.)

In either case, if you are adding to the stress barrel as quickly as you are taking out stress with The Healing Codes, your progress will be slow to none.

2. Self-sabotage: some hidden memory, underlying program, especially if it's a significance or security issue. These are what you clear with The Healing Codes. Sometimes there may be a generational, in utero (womb) memory, or birth trauma that needs to be cleared. This is where coaching can be especially helpful. A Coach can test whether there is a hidden memory like this that needs to be healed.

3. Unknown physical issue your immune system is prioritizing. You may have a more serious issue in your life that you don't know about or are not considering. For instance, a client who had acid reflux and was working on that was not getting better for several months. When he went in for an MRI, it was discovered he had cancer.

Dr. Ben Johnson lectured that The Healing Code takes the handcuffs off the immune system, which is extremely intelligent. The immune system will prioritize the thing that is most life-threatening. Maybe a CT scan wouldn't show it yet (cancer, for instance, can take 10 years to develop). Your physical issue your immune system is fighting may not be to the point that it shows up on any test yet, but your immune system knows it's fighting it and will give it priority, over something like the acid reflux you're so desperate to heal.

4. You're not doing the process enough. Dr. Ben did custom Healing Codes for 30 minutes to 3 hours daily over 3-4 months before his ALS symptoms disappeared. If you have a serious issue, you may well need to step up how often and for how long you do your Healing Code.

5. Focusing too much on the physical. This brings healing down to a crawl, according to Alex Loyd. Focus on how you feel about the physical and the memories attached to the feelings. Remember, The Healing Code works to heal only the issues of the heart. It never works directly on any physical problem, only on the underlying heart issues that cause stress that then causes things to break down in the body.

6. It's working, but it hasn't manifested yet. Remember that your heart issues took decades to develop. Many heart issues may need to heal before the physical manifestation is apparent. The physical always shows up last. If you haven't read my bamboo analogy, it's a useful way to think about how heart issues form, and how they heal.

7. The Providence of God. God may allow sickness in order to bring us to him. God does not look on sickness and illness the way we do. His goal is our highest good, which is to know and trust him, and he doesn't mind letting us endure a little sickness if it brings us to the end of ourselves and turns us to him. God has much to give us, but his perspective is different from ours. Once he (and only he) is our all, then we can experience all he has for us. You know you're not "there" yet (where you can be healed) if you're angry at God and can't accept his timetable.

This is one of the toughest aspects of the spiritual life, but there's no way around it. God wants all of us, and that means letting him have his way. God is quite willing to sacrifice the temporal (physical things) for the spiritual (eternal things). When we gain this perspective, too, EVERYTHING looks different.

So if you're not healing the way you had hoped, get quiet and honest with yourself. If there is conscious conflict or self-sabotage, begin praying for God's power and work with The Healing Code to address it. If you've not been doing a Healing Code at least 2 times a day, step up the frequency and duration.

If you know there's no conscious conflict, self-sabotage, and you're doing the Codes regularly, practice patience and faith that healing is happening. Focus on the spiritual, on strengthening your faith in God (which I define as proceeding as if everything God says is the truest reality). Stay open to anything God may want to teach you and focused on spiritual priorities (love and truth).

If you have done all these things, then for sure coaching would be in order. There may be other spiritual-based issues I'd rather discuss in a coaching session, where I can test whether another possibility is the cause.

Ways to Track Changes

Often we don't perceive changes in ourselves that other people do. I notice changes in my clients that they don't see. Ask close friends and family members if they notice any difference in you.

It's also useful to take the Heart Issues Finder occasionally. (www.heartissuesfinder.com)

One of the tools I give my clients is a Personal Tracking Form where they can record the issues they're working on, including the rating. I encourage you to keep a journal. There is something called "Healing Codes amnesia" where, once a memory or issue is healed, it's so completely healed that you don't even remember you had it. You may feel, "I'm not healing." But if you look at the memories or issues that were once a 10 yet now you can barely remember them, it will encourage you that you are healing.

Remember, The Healing Code heals only one thing--heart issues.

You might also want to get a medical checkup. It is very common for medical tests to show great improvements in health even if the client does not feel anything has happened. Sometimes healing is so gradual, you do not notice. As mentioned, often other people notice changes before we do.

We who have used The Healing Codes regularly believe that healing always happens with The Healing Codes. We may or may not be aware of the changes. The Healing Codes remove stress from the body, and stress is what causes 80-98 percent (depending on your source) of all issues.

If you're feeling impatient or discouraged about your progress, that is the very thing that you need to work on healing! It may well be the very thing that's impeding your healing. Impatience is connected with the body's immune system--the very system you need to "turn on" to heal your body.

Use The Healing Codes to work on anything that you feel about your apparent lack of results, and you will continue to heal. Your heart issues will heal. The only sure way The Healing Codes will not work for you is to never do it. Then it can't be a matter of The Healing Codes failing you, can it?

As Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson challenge at the end of the book, "Prove us wrong!" Do The Healing Codes consistently, honestly, and truly (focusing on your heart issues), and your heart issues will heal, even if your body does not.

None of us will live forever, physically. But even if the body doesn't heal, the heart can be at peace. And isn't that what we really want after all? To be filled with love, joy, and peace in any circumstance is to have your heart issues healed. That is the true goal.

And if you would like more help in identifying the deepest issue your heart is ready to heal now, feel free to get some personal coaching here.